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Restaurants in Mandi

Mandi in Himachal Pradesh is set amidst the most exotic locales, surrounded by the hills, with the Beas river flowing through its heart. The climate of Mandi is nice and cold which acts as a natural appetizer, plus the tasty local cuisine of this place make your meals here even more hearty and exciting.

When travelling to any new place we are excited about the natural wonders of the place, the locals and the food. Over the centuries, Himachal Pradesh is influenced by different cultures, which has left its marks on its cuisines among other things. Mandi particularly is influenced by Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist cultures. The food at the restaurants in Mandi is thus influenced by all the three cultures, offering the tourists an exciting array of dishes to savour.

When hunting for good restaurants in Mandi, its important to decide up on the type of cuisine you would like to have. If you are looking for a Continental menu, head for the four restaurants at the Raj Mahal Heritage hotel in Mandi. The Raj Mahal hotel offers a choice of three different restaurants the Carbo Frio, the Garden Restaurant, and the Copa Cabana Bar. Here at the Raj Mahal hotel, you can get an Indian as well as a Continental or Chinese menu.

If you want to taste some of the local food in Mandi, it's good to know what it's like before you eat it. The people of Himalchal eat a lot of meat and pulses; the everyday meal consists of dal, rice, vegetable and roti. Sidu, the famous dish of Himachal, is made from wheat flour kneaded with yeast, and is very much like bread. This is stuffed with fat, cooked over a flame, then steamed and eaten with ghee or clarified butter.

Dham is a typical meal cooked by the Brahmins of Himachal. It is served on leaf plates. The meal consists of rice, green lentil dal, kidney beans and a sweet rice. Akroti is a sweet cake made of buckwheat, and patande is a pancake. To eat any of these local dishes you will have to go to one of the road side dhabas, for very few restaurants in Mandi serves local food. You can taste some of the Tibetan tea at the small stalls near any of the temples. There is much to see, experience and eat at this delightful little town of Mandi. Eating out options can range from local cuisines to Chinese and even Continental. When at Mandi, you can taste the world.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07