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Nature Trail in Mandi

Mandi lies in the heart of the north Indian state of Himachal pradesh. This region has a rich flora and fauna making it a hot spot for nature lovers and the nature trail in Mandi is one of the popular inclusions in the tour of the Himachal.

To reach Mandi the nearest airport is Bhuntar in Himachal Pradesh which has flights from Delhi via Chandigarh. The railway stations nearest to Mandi are at shimla, Joginder nagar, Kalka and Chandigarh. There are many private buses and cars running to and from these places to mandi. By road Mandi is well connected to Shimla, Patankot, Chandigarh and Delhi.

When embarking on a nature trail in Mandi one must know a little about the place. The city of Mandi is a commercial hub, it was once the gateway from India to Tibet. Merchants would pass through this city before going on to Tibet for trade, this was centuries ago. Till date Mandi is one of the important commercial cities of Himachal. Nature has bestowed this city with its beauty, Mandi lies on the banks of the river Beas. Since it is at an altitude of about 750metres it has a cool but pleasant climate through out the year. Mandi is also called the kashi or the religious city of the Himachal since it is blessed with 81 temples and shrines. When on a nature trail in Mandi the tours to some of the temples and shrines enthral you with their ancient but artistic architecture.

Besides the 81 temples there are many other places of interest in Mandi like Sundernagar, Prashar , Jogindernagar , Koyla Ma Temple ,Shikari Devi (2850 m), Janjehli, Hanogi Ma and Rewalsar Lake. One of the most splendid and fulfilling nature trail in Mandi is that to the Prashar Lake. This trip has a lovely topography with its lush green hills all along, and one can enjoy various activities like horse riding, fishing, angling, boating and nature walks. Along the way you can visit the Pandoh dam and Tarna temple.

A trip to the Jogindernagar hydroelectric power plant gives you a spectacular view of the valley from the height of 2500 metres. A trolley takes you up the steep rocky cliff to this great height and then drops off to the other side to Barot where the reservoir is located. The journey up in the trolley is an exciting experience; you can get a bird’s eye view of the entire valley with its green cover and surrounding hills.

Another popular nature trail in Mandi is the visit to the beautiful town of Surendranagar. This town is located on a raised edge of the valley towards Shimla. The tall trees here make this a nature lover’s paradise, and nature walks here through this green cover would take you into the realm of another world.

Janjehli is the ideal place for the adventurous, located at a height of 3300feet amidst thick forest. The road up to Gohar is reachable by vehicle, from there on the journey has to be on foot. Over all Mandi is an exciting place for all nature lovers and an important destination for Hindu pilgrims.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07