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Mandi Tours

Mandi, a small town on the banks of the river Beas, is also known as the Varanasi or holy city nestled in the hills. When planning a tour to Mandi you can reach the town by road, air or rail. All three routes are easily accessible. The best part of your tour to the Himachal would be savouring the natural beauty of the place, since it is at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Mandi tours can be purely for holy reasons since it is a city which has temples, monasteries and gurudwaras, making it an important city for Hindus, Buddhists and Sikh pilgrims. Rewalsar is about an hour's drive from the city, and has great religious significance for the three faiths Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs.

The great Buddhist teacher Padmasambhava resided here for some time, and it is in his memory that the three gompas or monasteries at the Rewalsar were built.The great Sikh guru,Guru Gobind Singh, lived in Rewalsar for over a month and in his memory a gurudwara was built at Rewalsar. Rewalsar is an important destination in the Mandi tours, due to the religious temples and the natural wonders. It is at the Rewalsar that the sage Lomas did penance to please the Hindu lord Shiva. Thus the temples of Shiva and Lomas rishi are built here.Rewalsar Lake has a holy significance. The next spot on the itenary of the Mandi tours would have to be the Jogindernagar hydroelectric plant, built in 1925 by Raja Joginder Singh. The water of the great river Ulh has been captured and canalized in pipes for many kilometres up to the plant at Jogindernagar. Visitors are taken up a trolley up to a height of 2500 feet and then brought down to the other side at Barot where the reservoir lies. The view from the trolley is amazing and the reservoir is also a trout breeding centre and thus a great place for angling.

Another beautiful place near Mandi is Sundernagar, which is one of the most flourishing areas of Himachal Pradesh, due to the Beas-Sutlej power project. The Sukhdev Vatika and the temple of the Mahamaya are atop a hill at Sundernagar. Sundernagar is also famous for its tall trees and lovely walks through this tree cover. Mandi tours are incomplete without a visit to Sundernagar. The drive to Sundernagar is the most scenic with the water of the power project flowing for several kilometres on one side and the lush green fields on the other.

The other places of interest when on a Mandi tour are Shikari Devi (2850 m) Temple, Janjehli , Hanogi Ma and Koyla Ma Temple. Janjehli is an ideal place for trekers. It offers treks up to 3000 metres. From Janjehli, there are two roads which have to be covered on foot through the forest and take you to the Shikari Devi Temple, which is a roof less temple. It has got its name because hunters used to prey here to the goddess for success in their hunt.

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