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Heritage Tours in Mandi

Mandi is a little town set in the Kullu valley. It has a rich religious and cultural heritage. Heritage Tours in Mandi can be organised alone or as a part of a tour of a number of places in the Himachal. Mandi is the commercial hub of Himachal, it was once the gateway to Tibet traders would go through Mandi on their way to Tibet, using Mandi as the place to rest and trade. This has left many different cultural impacts on the little town, since traders from all over India would get together and trade here.

Heritage Tours in Mandi have special significance owing to its rich and diverse heritage, ranging from the Mandi kings, British rule and Tibetan settlers. This small town is of religious importance to Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. It has over 81 temples, a famous gurudwara and some monasteries. Heritage tours in Mandi include a visit to many of the temples and also the old palaces and monuments of the kings and of the colonial era.

One of the interesting places to visit when on a heritage tour in Mandi is Rewalsar. Rewalsar Lake is unique because of its floating islands of reed; it is said that these islands can be moved with the power of prayer, though the role of breeze can't be ruled out. In Rewalsar, there is a Hindu temple, known as the Lomesh rishi temple, Guru Govind Singh's gurudwara and a Buddhist monastery. The monastery is of great significance to the Buddhists, as it was here that the sage Padmasambhava lived and then went on to Tibet to preach Buddhism.

Heritage tours in Mandi can be combined with some adventure. One such spot is the Prashar lake. Here lies the three-storeied pagoda which is a temple built for the sage Prashar. The architecture of the pagoda is amazing. The places in and around the lake has a lot of activities like fishing, angling, horse riding and bird watching. You can also visit the Pandoh dam and Tarna temple from this lake.

Some of the important temples of Mandi are the panchvaktra temple, the bhima kali temple and the Bhutnath temple. The peak time for pilgrims to visit Mandi is during the month of march when they celebrate the festival of shivratri. This is the festival of the lord shiva which is celebrated for seven days and all these religious activities add to the rich heritage of Mandi. The heritage tours in mandi will be incomplete without a visit to the palace of the Mandi kings. The palace has many white buildings with a pagoda like roof, indicating the Chinese Tibetan influence. The seven foot tall stone pillars built in the memory of the Mandi rulers can be seen near the Suketu bridge.

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