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The choice of a travel destination does become a problem at times when one member of the family wants to get in touch with Mother Nature, the kids want to go for adventure sports and someone wants to satisfy his thirst for spirituality. Well here is your ideal destination where you can find everything. Just embark on Mandi travel and start exploring this amazing destination of myriad attractions. Mandi, the heart of Himachal Pradesh, located at the base of the Himalayas, has an amazing topography. With its altitude, hilly terrain and gushing rivers, it is an ideal travel destination for the young and the old. Mandi travel offers you a range of adventure sports and many archaeological delights in the form of ancient temples, palaces and monasteries.

Mandi travel is famous among pilgrims of three religions namely Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. It has multiple shrines devoted to all the three religions. This quaint city is also known as the Varanasi of the hills. In the city of Mandi, along the banks of the river Beas, are 81 Hindu temples devoted to the many different Hindu Gods. Some of these temples are built in the shape of shikaras or house boats and present a mesmerizing sight. The reason many pilgrims go for Mandi travel is that by doing so they get to visit many temples at one place. A few kilometres from Mandi is the holy Rewalsar Lake. At Rewalsar there are three Buddhist monasteries since the noted Buddhist teacher Padhmasambhava lived here for some time before going on to Tibet to preach Mahayana Buddhism. The great Sikh Guru Gobind Singh lived at Rewalsar for a month, and a Gurudwara stands there in his memory. Rewalsar is truly a mystic wonder since holy men from three different religions lived here and the Rewalsar lake has floating islands of reed, which move by this mystic power... or maybe just by breeze.

Mandi travel is an attractive option since here you can live in the lap of nature and pursue all your adventure sports. There are many nature trails, which one can start from here. One such trail is the trek to Janjheli, which has to be covered on foot through the forest. The Janjheli trek takes you up to an altitude of 3000 metres, and is very challenging. From Janjheli you can trek further uphill to reach the Shikari Devi Temple, which is a roofless temple.

The Joginder Nagar Hydroelectric Plant has a trolley, which takes you up to an altitude of 2000feet and then drops down on the other side where the reservoir is found. The sight from atop the trolley is one of the best; you can get a bird’s eye view of the emerald green valley with the ferocious river flowing through it. At Barot there is a trout breeding centre, which makes it a good spot for angling.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07