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How To Reach Mandi

Mandi is a small town in the heart of Himachal Pradesh. Due to its importance as a commercial hub it’s been well connected to the rest of the world for a long time. The question of how to reach Mandi can be resolved when you decide on your mode of transport.

When we consider the railway route we have many options. Though Mandi itself doesn’t boast of a railway station, many nearby towns do have one. When you decide to travel to Mandi via railway you have a choice of narrow gauge and broad gauge. The narrow gauge railway stations are at Jogindernagar and Shimla. Shimla and Jogindernagar both are about two to three hours distance from Mandi by road, and you will get many private vehicles like cars and buses to and from these places.

The second option or route via rail to Mandi is the broadgauge railhead at Pathankot, Kalka or Chandigarh.. A distance of over 200 km separates Pathankot from Jogindernagar and similarly Chandigarh is also at a distance of about five hours by rail. The high point of this entire railway network to Mandi is the fact that Chandigarh is well connected to most other Indian cities, especially to the metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and many more. When you want to catch a train from Chandigarh to reach Mandi, then you could reach Chandigarh via one of the metros, and your problem of how to reach Mandi will get sorted in no time.

The railway or road travel may seem time consuming to some of us who run busy lives and the airways becomes the only option for them because of the time factor. When you are a foreigner visiting India you could catch a connecting flight from Delhi via Chandigarh and land at the Bhuntar airport. The Bhuntar airport is about fifty kilometres from Mandi and is located in Himachal Pradesh. This airport has many flights from Delhi which fly via Chandigarh. The road to Mandi cannot be called less travelled since it has been a very busy road for over four hundred years. Mandi was once the commercial hub of Himachal Pradesh and travellers came here from many parts of the land before proceeding to Tibet. From Chandigarh one can travel by road to Mandi via Ropar and Bilaspur. This would take about five hours. Shimla, Pathankot, Delhi, Dharamsala and Manali are all connected to Mandi by road. Mandi is actually the heart of Himachal since all buses passing from north to south and from east to west touch Mandi, making reaching Mandi a not so challenging option.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07