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What to Do In Mandi

The question of what to do in Mandi doesn’t arise if you take the care of planning your trip well by knowing a little about Mandi, the place you are about to visit. Mandi lies in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, at the foothills of the Himalayas. The location tells us a great deal about the topography and climate of the place. With its many natural wonders, forest cover, temples, majestic palaces, etc. this place has many things to see and do.

Lets us begin with our what to do in Mandi list with the temples. Even if you are not in Mandi on a pilgrimage, the temples here are worth a visit due to their magnificent ancient architecture and unique style of sculpturing. There are over 81 temples in and around Mandi, some along the banks of the river Beas. The temples on either side of the river are shaped like shikaras. This is a unique style of architecture used in many of the temples in and around Mandi.

The oldest temple in Mandi would have to be the Bhootnath Temple, built in 1520. The temple is famous for its Shivratri festival, which happens in the month of March with great pomp and fervor. Another very important temple is the Tarna Devi or the Symakali Temple, located on the Tarna Hill. It was built in the 17th century by Raja Syma Sen. Some other temples in and around Mandi include the Triloknath Temple, the Ardhanarisvara Temple and the Gyarah Rudra Temple.

The next on our list of what to do in Mandi would have to be a visit to the nearby hydro- electric plant at Jogindernagar, which was built by Raja Joginder Singh in 1925. Here an electric trolley takes you up to an height of 2500 metres, giving you a splendid view of the lush green valley with the river flowing through it. The trolley drops you of on the other side of the cliff at Barot, where the reservoir is located. Barot is a trout breeding centre and a great place for angling. Jogindernagar also has a small gauge railway station. About five kilometres from Jodindernagar is the Bassi power station and Machinhar, a popular spot for feeding fish.However fishing here is prohibited.

About 20 km from Mandi is the forest region of Sundernagar. The region has a tall tree cover and is great for nature trails. The Mahamaya Temple is located here on top of a hill and the drive to Sundernagar is very picturesque with the Beas-Sutlej reservoir on one side and the green fields on the other. At the Prashar Lake, about an hour's drive from Mandi, is a three storeyed pagoda like temple, which is dedicated to the sage Prashar. Some other places on the list of what to do in Mandi include visiting Kamlah Fort and Janjheli. Janjheli is a place with thick forests and springs. In fact, the list of what to do in Mandi is endless, and there is very little possibility of having a dull moment at Mandi.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07