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Himachal State Museum and Library

Himachal State Museum and Library, located near the Mall area of Shimla city, is one of the major tourist attractions of this city. This museum is sited around 2.5 km from the scandal point of the city. Himachal State Museum and Library is housed in a charming colonial building named Inveraram, which is surrounded by extensive lawns. The building is located atop a hill and a hike of 1500 m would lead you to the museum. The inauguration ceremony of the museum took place in 1974. The museum is known as the Shimla State Museum also. It houses a sizeable collection of historic sculptors, coins, wonderful paintings, photos and handicrafts of the state of Himachal Pradesh and outside also. Besides these, as the name suggests, it also houses a library in it, which is full with historical books, notes, manuscripts and ancient records.

Himachal State Museum and Library was designed with the objective of securing the enriched cultural legacy of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The museum tries to spread the message of cultural inheritance over generations. The museum is most famous for its collection of miniature Pahari paintings The Pahari paintings that are preserved in the museum, portray the divergent lifestyle and culture of these simple mountainous people. After viewing these pictures, one can have a fair idea about the life of the people of the region, before the arrival of the Britishers. Apart from these regional paintings, the museum houses a massive set of famous Mughal and Rajasthani paintings. Temple bronzes, jewellery, textiles, and masks from Kullu region are also included in the 1500 objects being displayed.

Various galleries of the Himachal state museum and library are numismatic gallery, pre-historic gallery, archeological gallery, wood carving gallery and wall painting gallery. The pre-historic gallery displays early Stone Age utensils and models of extinct animals. The wood carving gallery houses the ruins of timber panels of ancient shrines along with some granite works. Archeological gallery is a treasure-trove of sculptural artifacts. The wall painting gallery holds beautiful wall paintings of the palace of Chamba. The numismatic gallery houses a wide collection of the regional coins. Various researchers visit this museum of Shimla round the year, for their academic studies. The museum is open on all days, except Mondays.

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