Prospect Hill

Prospect Hill of Shimla is one of the major tourist attractions of Shimla, which should not be missed during your Shimla tours. The Prospect Hill is located at a height of 2155 meters above the sea level, and houses the holy temple, which is dedicated to the Goddess Kamna Devi. This is one of the vital pilgrimages in Shimla. Tourists and pilgrims from all over India visit this religious site.

One has to take a walk of 15 minutes from Boileauganj to reach to the hill. The hill is situated on the Shimla-Bilaspur road. The understated beauty of the place invites visitors round the year. From top, the tourists can have an impressive view of the surrounding areas. Apart from that, the toy train running from Jatogh to Tara Devi can be seen from the peak of the Prospect hill. After standing on the hill, one may think that he is far from this earthly world of petty successes and jealousies, and an uncommon natural splendour may permeate his being. The picturesque glory of the forest clad green hills, and floating clouds, make words meaningless.

The Prospect Hill is perhaps the best place in Shimla to have a pleasant walk. Sauntering throughout the rough hilly path while discovering oneself, with chilly wind caressing your face, is extremely rejuvenating. The mountaineers prefer this place for trekking. Really, Prospect Hill of Shimla is a nice stage to arrange picnic trips and small parties.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07