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Shopping in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh offers a variety of local handicrafts and curios. There are number of opportunities for doing some serious shopping in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is slightly isolated from the other parts of country, but its unique aura can be seen from its traditional handicraft items.

Rugs and carpet shopping in Himachal Pradesh, gives you an opportunity to meet the culture of Himachal Pradesh. These rugs and carpets are prepared from beaten wool, with the design of Garuda perched with flowering tree, lotus flower and flutes. Rugs and carpets of Himachal Pradesh have developed a trademark as an industry. They are exported to the neighbouring states. Earlier, the hairs of the goat are used for making the rugs and carpets. But, nowadays soft blankets are prepared from fleecy sheep wool.

Your expedition for shopping in Himachal Pradesh could not end without including Thangka Paintings. These paintings symbolize various Buddhist fairs and festivals on the brightly tinged cloths. The court and the romantic scenes are also used to depict the culture of the Himachal Pradesh. Kangra style of paintings is most lyrical and poetic in nature. These paintings are most popular among the foreign travelers. Woodcarving is the traditional craft of Himachal Pradesh. This woodwork includes cradles, bedsteads, boxes, low settees and ladles.

Embroidered kurtas and bright colored accessories hold uniqueness in terms of quality. Handkerchiefs, hand fans, caps, cholis, coverlets are other attractive embroidery items. Do not forget to buy them while shopping in Himachal Pradesh. You can buy these items in bulk and present them to your relatives as a token of love and appreciation. There are several other items like woolen shawls and garments, cheaply available at the Government Emporia of Himachal Pradesh. These Government Emporia are available in Shimla, Manali and Dalhousie. These will give you fabulous experience of shopping in Himachal Pradesh. These are open in the evening time to make your shopping comfortable. You can purchase jewelry, metal ware and leatherwork items along with traditional items.

The weaving shawls are perfect evolved art form of Himachal Pradesh. The old tradition of hilly region can be perceived from these shawls. These shawls are available in the vibrant colors and shades. The Pashmina shawls are also available at Himachal Pradesh.

Tibetan bazaars are also nice destination for the shopping in Himachal Pradesh. Stalls found near street corners of woolen items offer a good variety. However, do not forget to bargain while shopping in these areas.

Kullu Manali is an ideal destination for shopping in this hilly state. Tibetan bazaars, government emporia, and the New Shopping Market (NAC market) are best places for shopping in Manali. Bookworm of the NAC market has a good collection of paperbacks. Be comfortable while shopping at the roadside stall of the market. Local jams, pickles and juices are also worth shopping. Natural massage oils and shampoos are also available at Himachal Pradesh at a lower cost than anywhere else.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/06