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Sports of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, with its free flowing rivers, green forests, clear blue skies, apple orchards and snow clad peaks, has emerged as one of the world's leading adventure sports hub. If you are interested in adventure sports, rest assured, for both infrastructure and weather in Himachal Pradesh are conducive to such predilections. Some of the major adventure sports destinations in Himachal Pradesh include, Kullu, Manali, Kasauli, Kufri, Dalhousie, Shimla and Chail. These destinations offer a combination of breathtaking scenery and huge adventure sports opportunities. The popular adventure sports of Himachal Pradesh are trekking, skiing and ice-skating. Also one can opt for paragliding, camping and mountain cycling. If you do not want to opt for such adrenaline pumping options, you can always indulge in a leisurely fishing or a golfing game to infuse the element of playfulness into your Himachal sojourn. You need not worry of the equipments as there are a lot of shops that offer equipments on rental basis as well as for purchasing.

Himachal Pradesh offers golf lovers and enthusiasts breathtaking golf courses. It has a large golf course at Naldera which has nine-hole 68 par golf course. The golf course at Naldera is one of the oldest as well as among the most challenging golf courses in India. It is also considered as one of the finest golfing options in India. Surrounded with sombre snow clad peaks and thick woods, the golf course could catch the imagination of nearly every golfing enthusiast. Annandale in Shimla also has a nine-hole golf course, and the Khajjiar golf course, located just 22 km from Dalhousie, is another wonderful option.

The most hot favourite sport with most of the adventure sports enthusiasts in the state is skiing. The snow clad slopes and plains of Himachal Pradesh are ideal for skiing, for both beginners as well as the professionals. Some of the important skiing destinations in the state are Kullu, Manali, Rohtang Pass, Kufri and Narkanda. There is also a spot at Shimla where skiing is done.

Para Gliding:
Para gliding is another of the popular adventure sports of Himachal Pradesh which attracts participation of tourists. Paragliding provides tourists with the opportunity of a lifetime to marvel at the out-of-the-world scenery of Himachal Pradesh with a bird's eye view. The most favourite destinations with tourists for paragliding are Kangra, Billing, Kullu and Bilaspur. The state government sponsors programs for training the tourists for professional paragliding.

Mountain Cycling:
If you want to enjoy the pristine natural beauty of the state from close quarters, then you must indulge yourself in mountain cycling. As you would paddle through the rocky terrains, fresh mountain air will fill your being and the verdant greenery of the slopes would cajole you to spend a lifetime here. The chirping of the birds would resonate through the forests, carrying an evergreen music… You would feel one with nature, and the desire to rest may set in. But sadly, you have miles to cycle…before you decide to call it a day. However you can always embrace the nature with its wild sights, sounds and smells, for the time being at least, on your mountain cycling trip through Himachal terrains.

The major biking areas are found in the quaint towns of Hamirpur, Kangra, Bilaspur, Una and many others. If you want to stretch your muscle and stamina further, then you must try biking in the Lahaul and Spiti region.

The free flowing rivers of this state can take turbulent modes, and this gives ample scope for river rafting activities. The Sutlej near Shimla, the river Ravi near Chamba, Chandrabhaga river in Lahaul, and the Beas river in the vicinity of Kullu, present wonderful river rafting options. The speed of water and the corresponding exhilarating currents can give professional rafters a good run and as well as value for their money.

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