Dalhousie is an exotic hill station of Dauladhar range of the Himalaya. It is located in Himachal Pradesh state of India. The name of place has been given after the British Governor General Lord Dalhousie. The lush green flora, is ornamented with high pines, deodars and oaks. Panchpula is the main fascinating picnic spot of Dalhousie.

Panchpula is just 3 km from G.P.O., which is home for beautiful stream-feeding ponds. Panchpula stream is the most important resource for the water supply in the Dalhousie. The north side of Dayankund is the starting point of the stream, which downhill in the narrow valleys of Panchpula. It gives the most picturesque view of the valley. Satdhara Spring on the way to Panchpula is a source of fresh water. It is known for holding some medicinal properties.

The elegant monument of Panchpula houses a Samadhi, which was built in the memory of Sardar Ajit Singh after his death in Panchpula. He died on 15 August 1947, on the day India got independence. The place is the meeting point of several streams. It is houses a natural tank and small beautiful bridge. It is thy most visited place of Dalhousie.

Since the most attractive tourist destination, a tourism restaurant and teashops are available in Panchpula, which offer hot and cold potables along with taste snacks. It gives the great experience in the beautiful natural surrounding.

Hence, Panchpula must be included in your Dalhousie trip.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/06