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Himachal Pradesh Tours

The state of Himachal Pradesh is located in the rugged mountainous region of northern India. Tibet and China shares its borders from the east side, Jammu & Kashmir from the north and north-west side, and Punjab, Haryana, Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh from the south side. About 37,691 sq km area of Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by forests. Himachal Pradesh tours will give you the opportunity to experience the wonderful natural bounties of this region.

The state is also known as the state of sanctuaries and national parks. There are thirty two sanctuaries and three national parks housing a variety of trees, animals and birds. Many rare animals like barking deer and cheer pheasants are mostly seen at these sanctuaries. Himachal Pradesh tours, which must include sanctuaries and national parks, would prove to be a real treat for those who like to freak out in the pristine natural environment. Shimla, Kullu Manali, and Chamba are the most frequently visited hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. Trekking, angling, rafting and skiing are some adventurous sports offered at these hill stations.

Since Himachal Pradesh experienced the rule of several dynasties, it has helped the state to imbibe a pluralistic culture, which is rich and glorious. Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and British rulers left their own cultural imprints on Himachal Pradesh. Stone-carved shikharas, Buddhist gompas and pagoda style shrines are the mostly seen architecture of pilgrimage places of Himachal Pradesh. There are around two thousand temples all over the state. A strong traditional hold of Buddhist culture can be seen on the remote valleys like Lahaul, Kinnaur and Spiti. There are some Sikh Gurudwaras dating back to the 18th century, dotting the landscape of Himachal Pradesh. The churches of Himachal Pradesh are not more than 150 years old, as British made a late arrival in this area. Himachal Pradesh tours give you the opportunity to visit these varied religious reflections of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh has a large variety of festivals. You will find undertaking Himachal Pradesh tours most interesting if you visit the state during the festive season. However, a number of fairs and festivals are celebrated throughout the year in Himachal Pradesh. October to May is the main festive season of Himachal Pradesh, which is highlighted by Dusshera. You can also enjoy some special festive cuisines during this time.

Accommodation in Himachal Pradesh is not a problem at all. Himachal Pradesh has a large number of cottages, heritage hotels and palaces. Some palaces are now transformed into hotels, offering royal accommodation for their guests. Shimla was the summer capital of British; hence, British style cottages can also be seen while undertaking Himachal Pradesh tours.

Himachal Pradesh tours should not end without shopping of rugs, carpets and thangka paintings. Himachal Pradesh also offers you some local handicrafts and curios. Tibetan bazaars and government emporia are the best destinations for shopping sprees.

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