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Heritage Tours of Himachal Pradesh

If you plan certain heritage tours of Himachal Pradesh, you will be surprised to know that this will offer a wide range options for you to explore the rich heritage and history of this region. Distinctive mansions ware standing still over the decades. Shimla, Chamba, Kangra, Una, Lahaul & Spiti, Kullu, Mandi, Hamirpur, Bilaspur, Solan, Kinnaur and Sirmour are most famous heritage destinations of the Himachal Pradesh State.

Shambala Budhist Thanka Art Museum at Manali is known for preserving religious and cultural traditions of Buddhism. The Thangka paintings are the major attraction of this museum. These paintings are representatives of the past life of Buddha and Boddhi Sattava. Thankas are the traditional painting style, drawn on cloth with the beautiful composition of Mandalas. Mandalas are a geometric arrangement of comic symbols. The unique color scheme is an impressive feature of these paintings.

Shimla is the main center that you would come across while undertaking the heritage tours of Himachal Pradesh. Alpine Heritage Inn, Chapslee, Madan Kunj, The Oberoi Clarkes, Woodville Palace Hotel, Hotel Springfield and The Cecil are most attracted monuments of the Himachal Pradesh. Alpines Heritage Inn is a colonial bungalow constructed in a unique Shimala’s architectural style, while Chapslee was built in the contented elegance of English style. Belgian chandeliers, Ornate brass beds, Doge’s palace draping and superb rugs will fly you into a different epoch.

Madan Kunj is a colonial cottage, earlier called as Khud Cottage. This was the summer residence of the Governor of Burma during the World War II. The Oberoi Clarkes of Shimla is the early 20th century hotel. Major modifications are experienced by the structure but it retains the warmth of an English style. Woodville Palace hotel is a lovely mansion of 19th century. It used to be the residence of the Indian army British Commander-in-Chief. Hotel Cecil has a full range of suites, rooms and facilities. Daojidhaar is a rural Himachali house, which is modified to house modern lifestyle. Palace hotel of Chail Solan is located on the hill station of Chail. Bhupinder Singh Maharaja of Patiala constructed this after banishing from Shimla. It is spread over 75 acre of land, which includes tennis courts, orchards and cottages. Now, it is a popular heritage hotel run by Himachal Tourism.

Fort Resort of Nalagarh Solan is also a place that can be included in your travel plans when you undertake the heritage tours of Himachal Pradesh. It is placed at the foothills of the Himalayas. The place experienced the fierce fighting during the Gurkha Wars of 19th century. A series of structures built in Mughal architectural style, are available at the fort and palace. Now, it is renovated as a class heritage resort of Himachal Pradesh.

Hotel Ros Common and The Hotel Alasia are attractive cottages of Kasauli town. These are located in the gardens with paved paths. Oak, pines and horse chestnut trees are available on both sides of the paths.

Rajmahal Palace hotel of Mandi, Hotel Castle of Kullu, Targarh Palace Hotel of Kangra, Hotel Geetanjali, Hotel Mountview, Hotel AromanClaire, Hotel Grandview and Silvertop of Chamba are some renowned heritage hotels of Himachal Pradesh.

The fort of Sujanpur is located at the district border of Kangra. Raja Abhaya Chand of Kangra built this fort in 1758. Later is was the house for Raja Sansar Chand. Raja Sansar Chand used to hold courts at a Barahdari Hall of the fort. Lambagraon Palace became the Jagir village of the Kangra family with the rise of British rule in the area. You can experience a charm of the erstwhile era when you take the heritage tours of Himachal Pradesh.

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