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Wild Tours of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has a God gifted variety of flora and fauna. From the long time, it is known for its landscapes, lush forests and wildlife. Out of 55,670-sq km area of Himachal Pradesh, 37,691-sq km area is surrounded by forest area. 32 sanctuaries, 3 national parks and 3 game reserves are the important places that you can include in the wild tours of Himachal Pradesh.

Simbalbara Sanctuary is located in the Paonta valley of Sirmour District. The area is covered with beautiful and dense sal forests. A road from Puruwala, which gives a breathtaking view of the valley, connects Simbalbara Forest Rest House. Goral, Chittal and Sambhar can be spotted here easily. Winter is the best time to visit this sanctuary.

A motorable road connects the small Renuka Sanctuary. Renuka Lake and the temple are the major attractions of this sanctuary. Here animals like Chittal, Kakkar and Sambhar can be seen at the lion safari. Tourist’s bungalow and Cafeteria are the calm and quite places to hang out while undertaking wild tours of Himachal Pradesh .

Churdhar Sanctuary is located at the 3647 meters high Churdhar peak. It is the highest peak of Himalayas. This is the best place for trekking during summer and early winters. Nohra, Sarain and Pulbahal areas are dangerous for trekking. A Sarai and a Shiv temple are the famous temples of Churdhar Sanctuary.

Chail is most visited hill station of Chail Sanctuary. The Deodar and Oak forests of the sanctuary is the house for the wildlife. Cheer Pheasants, Jhaja, Sambhar and Goral are mostly seen in this area. Barking deer and Kalijin are the real attraction of the sanctuary. Chail to Gaura and Chail to Jhaja are most favored trekking areas in the snow-white peaks. Majathal Sanctuary is extremely sharp and rugged territory area with is at a distance from habitation. This is located on the Shimla-Bilaspur highway. Goral in his natural habitat can be seen at this sanctuary. This sanctuary has noted the maximum population of rare Cheer pheasant. Winter is the best season to visit this sanctuary.

Maharana Pratap Sagar is the lake sanctuary that you will come across during your wild tours of Himachal Pradesh. The migratory ducks from the Siberian region is the major attraction of this lake sanctuary. During winter, surrounding area of Shahnagar barrage and Pongdam are full of thousands of ducks. The visit to Ransar Island gives a memorable experience. Black bucks and chittal can be seen along with cranes, surkhab and wide variety of water birds.

Manali Sanctuary is located at 2 km distance from the Manali. Dense Deodar, Kail, Walnut, Horse chestnut and Maple forests surround a bristle path from Manali to Dhungri temple. A memorable experience of night stay at this sanctuary can be taken in tents at Lambadug or Gallant thatch. Musk deer, Brown bear and Monal are spotted along with Leopard and snow Leopard. Kanawar Sanctuary, Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary, Daraghati Sanctuary are other sanctuaries of the Himachal Pradesh.

The Great Himalayan National Park is spread over the area of 620 sqkm of the Kullu district. It houses some virgin coniferous forests of the State. Alpine pastures and glaciers cap houses many wildlife species like Musk deer, Brown bear, Goral, Bharal, Serow, Monal, Kalij, Koklas, Cheer, Tragopan, Snow cock Thar, Leopard and Snow leopard. Trekking at Rakti-Sar origin of Sainj river and at Tirath the origin of Tirthar river gives a breathtaking experience. Pin Valley National Park is situated in the Spiti Valley. Snow leopard is found in most of this region. Only those who have tough leg muscles and strong lungs should visit this area. National Park at Kufri, National Park at Manali and National Park of Gopalpur are also worth including in your plans for wild tours of Himachal Pradesh.

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