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Travel Tips in Himachal Pradesh

The state of Himachal Pradesh is adorned with eye-catching scenery, history, culture, heritage, fairs and festivals, and wildlife. However, the tourists should follow some useful travel tips in Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the beauty of the state. Make it a point to pack plenty of woolen garments, caps, shawls, sweaters, jackets, pullovers, etc. as the overall temperatures in Himachal Pradesh are quite low.

An important travel tip in Himachal Pradesh is that foreigners who want to overstay should contact the nearest regional registration office for the foreigners, or they should contact the nearest police station of the city in Himachal Pradesh where they are residing in. The unleaded petrol can be obtained at specific stations only. If you are traveling in Kinnaur, Spiti and Lahaul, some of the petrol pumps on the way are located at Theog, Manali, Shimla, Powari, Rampur, Keylong and Kaza. Keep extra fuel, in case you are traveling all by yourselves. Also make sure to check the basic road conditions and confirm the road services available in the state. It is also advisable that tourists should carry with them primary aid medicines and first aid kits in case of emergency, as hospitals may not be readily available in the remote regions of the state.

Another important travel tip in Himachal Pradesh is, while going for trekking, or visiting the national parks, use the available natural resources in an optimum way. Use dry shed branches for firewood and keep away from huge bonfires. Avoid washing clothes in water holes. Avoid playing music on huge volume levels. Avoid damaging trees or plants and do not disturb wild animals while wandering in the forests. These are small steps leading to a big goal, that of preserving the pristine ecology of the state.

Tourists should ask for the fare chart of various public transport vehicles while in this state. One of the major travel tips in Himachal Pradesh is tourists should try to stay in guesthouses and hotels that are registered by the government. The rates of porters are fixed in the chief tourist centers. Confirm porter rates from these places. Tourists should shop at government emporia as far as possible. Generally, the rates here are lesser and the quality of the product is assured. The state government has established the Himachal Pradesh Emporium and it has outlets in various cities of the state. Beware of vendors who try to feign fake goods as original.

While purchasing any electrical appliance it should be borne in mind that the state government has decided the standard of the voltage, which is 220v. To organize landscape tours, travelers should contact Himachal Tourism offices and travel agents that are approved by the government. Himachal Tourism owns its own task force of taxis and coaches. While taking photographs of some historical monuments, contact the nearest tourism department office for permission. Contact Himachal Tourism offices if you need any guide maps or anything related to places. Avoid beggars. Avoid purchasing artifacts made from rare species of animals. Avoid drawing on trees, rocks and buildings.

If you adhere to these travel tips in Himachal Pradesh, your journey through Himachal Pradesh can be a fascinating experience.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/06