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Cities of India

India is a land of several hues. Each shade of India reflects the rich heritage and culture of the place and also the majestic history behind it. Mention of this country can be traced to the antiquity. The merchants, traders and travelers coming here since the ancient times have carried back with them affluent memories of the place to be written about and included in their literature repertoire. Thus the various cities of India have forever been on the global map for all to come and visit them. The major cities in India are all blessed with a number of elements to make them world destinations for the global guests. The metropolitan cities in India are the most significant cities in the country.

They are equipped with the best economic infrastructure, wide selection of job opportunities, attractive list of places of tourist interest and above all a classic range of accommodation options to cater to the guests and visitors. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore are the prime metropolitan cities in India. These are most popular tourist destinations in India as well with each boasting of both, the historical consequences and the contemporary expression of the country.

Major Cities in India:


Some of the major cities in India have been mentioned below for your comprehension:

Delhi - The capital of India, it boasts of Mughal history and Lutyen’s Delhi both coexisting on the same platform.

Bangalore - Recognized more for being an IT hub, this city is also famous for its gardens and parks and is a foremost tourist destination in India. Kolkata - A testimony to the rich repertoire of culture and traditions of the country, Kolkata basks in the glory of celebrated personalities like Rabindra Nath Tagore and Mother Teresa. The city is fondly frequented also for its ‘rosogullas’ and ‘mishti doi’ and takes pride in being called as the ‘city of joy’.

Mumbai - Being the financial capital of the country, this city enjoys its share of limelight for also housing the Hindi film industry also called as ‘Bollywood’ that produces more than double the number of films as produced in Hollywood!

Chennai - Chennai has several features housed within its boundaries to lure its guests. Its handicrafts, its silk, its cotton as well as its rich collection of performing arts, music and dance, all invite the tourists to come and explore the city.

Agra - Travel to India and not visiting Agra is like missing out on the essence of the country. Home to the Taj Mahal - Seventh wonder of the world, Agra attracts the domestic and international guests with great flair. Jodhpur - To witness the Rajput legacy and heritage, a visit to the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan is a must. Witness royalty still in the ambience of the city, still thriving in its numerous alleys.

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