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History Of India

One of the oldest civilizations in the history of the world, India has a magnificent cultural and religious heritage, as diverse as the mountains of North are to the beaches of Goa, as distinctive as a farmer's rigorous toil on the field is to the clicking of keyboard in an air-conditioned office. India, is also often referred as Incredible India, because on tracing the archives, the country has witnessed every possible realm of existence, from living life king-size to the constant exploits of foreign invaders. India is a civilization, which has evolved from harping on Vedas to the wireless education provided by Internet, and still are nowhere disconnected from the original roots that truly makes the country incredible. In this vibrant space, which is thousand years old, plethora of remarkable changes and development have been seen, so lets have a look at the history of India, purely one in the world :

History of Ancient India

The ruins of Mohenjodaro and Harappa have stirred as much interest in the historians, studying about Indian archeological past, as the caves of Ajanta and Ellora have in more modern days. The ancestral backgrounds of the Rajputs and the Marathas could be as easily traced in pages of Indian history as the early origin of the Buddhist, Jain and Islamic sects, dating back to the sixth century BC. Aryans were the first foreign settlers but even in those days, the people were bound to choose their loyalties between various ruling empires like Maurya and Gupta Empire, Pallavas and Cholas, and hence even history is same as present in some sense at least.

History of Medieval India

After the Aryans, came the Rajputs and the Moghuls, constantly at war with each other and trying to dethrone their rivals. An innocence , that prevailed in the ancient world was beginning to be fade by this time, with the rise in the gluttony for power and control. The Moghuls brought various changes to the country, some good and some bad, that were forced upon the people, and this politics made the country so vulnerable that others came to look for their options.

History of Modern India

The Indian history has introduced to the contradictory predicaments that were existing from the very beginning, that gives the strength to persevere and if necessary, a push to fight. The shades of peaceful existence and a victorious rebel, all have been found in our past and this aspect of our nature was used in the unforgettable struggle for freedom that India went through in the last three centuries. The violent and the non-violent groups both fought with the colonialists, who came in the form of traders and attacked the country, and even though success prevailed some bruises are still intact in the minds as they are in the history. The surviving spirits have helped in evolving from that painful time and have moved on to better days with all the technological and educational aid.

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