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Tours to India

India tours is forever in the minds of the global travelers owing to the several hues one can explore while in the country. Depending on the taste and preference of the guests, a wide selection of India tours can be undertaken. With this article of we strive to bring to you the most quintessential elements related to the tours to India and what all can one explore while here.

A few of the most significant features of India holiday tour have been mentioned below for your perusal:

Travel to India

The various cities in India are very well connected to the other global destinations through an efficient fleet of services belonging to the air, road and even the water brigade. Direct daily flights connect the major destinations and cities in India to the other world cities. Bus and ship (cruises) also are comfortable options that one can take up while on Tour to India.

Luxury Tours To India

The various facets of the country can be exclusively explored through Luxury tours. Be it the exotic Spa resorts or the luxury hotels, all wait to be your host and to pamper you and rejuvenate your senses and treat you to an experience of a lifetime. Some of the noteworthy luxury tours that visitors may check out are Luxury train tour in India, Royal Rajasthan tours, as well as the several heritage tours in India

Budget Tours To India

For the budget travelers, there are also quite a lot of cheap tour to India that can be availed of while on sojourning across the country. There are numerous bus and train tours available here that will take you to the most fascinating tourist attractions across the country within your budget. Various wildlife tours, adventure tours, cultural tours as well as pilgrimage tours are also available in this variety.

India tour also take one on a grand journey to witness the amalgamation of the traditional as well as the modern. While the ancient legends and heritage have still been kept alive through the abundant monuments, heritage sites, and cultural centers as well as through the religion and languages, the modern face of India also shares the same limelight through the numerous contemporary features like modern constructions and influences.

The various constituents that comprise of the India holiday tour can be segregated according to the following:

Sightseeing Tours to India

Visit the most exotic attractions India has to offer. From the ancient caves of Ajanta and Ellora to the modern cities like Goa and Bangalore, from the hill stations to the desert lands, India has them all. Sightseeing in India means traveling across the 28 states and 7 union territories of India and relishing on the quintessence of the places.

Shopping tours to India

India offers vibrant markets and shopping areas for a grand shopping experience. From local markets selling an array of local handicraft items to the most exotic boutiques selling the latest from the major fashion labels, you will find it all in the markets in India. Also, shopping in the flea markets provide one with a distinct but satisfying shopping experience.

Be it the tribal India tours, the islands tour or the adventure tour, these plentiful India tours no wonder manages to retain the distinct hues of India and offer the very best to the guests.

Heritage Tours in India

India is a land of diversity. The country is filled with innumerable historic sites which are steeped with age old heritage. There are a number of monuments, religious shrines, burials and historical residences that epitomize the highest order of Indian architecture. Some of these sites date back to several centuries back.

Religious Temple Tours in India

Every year thousands of people go for religious temple tours in India. The religious tours contribute a significant amount to tourist revenue in India. Religious and temple tours in India can include tour to religious shrines, temples, hermitage sites and places of religious significance. Religious or Temple tour in India are ideally suited for family trips or community tours.

Wildlife Tours in India

Wild tours in India are very popular among all kinds of tourists. These tours enable you to explore the different forest areas to discover the rich wildlife in different parts of India. Wildlife tours in India provide you a unique opportunity to see many rare species of animals, birds and marine life.

Beach, Garden and Festive Tours in India

The Beach, Garden and Festive Tours in India provides the travelers with a clear idea about the beauty of Indian landscape, natural beauty and culture.

Beaches Resorts in India

Beaches resorts in India have developed simultaneously in the recent past. The number of beach side resorts in India has perhaps outgrown the number of standard hotels. Apart from the beachside resorts several resorts are also established in the major tourist centers of India.

Museums in India

Museums in India may include archaeological museums, cultural museums and technological museums. The museums in India are a favorite with almost all kinds of tourists. Some of the well known museums in India are Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum, Indian museum, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Memorial and Jorasanko Thakur Bari.

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