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Beach, Garden and Festive Tours in India

The Beach, Garden and Festive Tours in India provides the travelers with a clear idea about the beauty of Indian landscape, natural beauty and culture.Beach Tours of India provide Tourists an unforgettable experience in India.

Top Beach Tours in India

The beach tours of India are designed keeping in mind the budget and preference of every traveler. From Orissa to Lakhshwadeep, India boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches of the world. The beaches of Goa are serene, picturesque and romantic. The Kerala beaches are fresh, rejuvenating and full of life. The beaches at Andaman and Nicobar islands are exotic. Girdled with stretches of evergreen forest cover, beaches in Andaman provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Maharashtra also has a handful of beaches like Juhu, Madh Island and Chowpatty which gives you a feel of urban beach activities. Beach tours of India are always a part of the city or state tour. If the city or state has plenty of beautiful beaches keep a few days aside to savor the beauty of the refreshing waterfronts of India. Beach tours are organized either by the travel agents or under personal supervision.


Garden Tours in India

The Garden tours in India can be customized according to the preference of the traveler. The gardens in India are mostly built by the illustrious Mughal emperors. The beautifuk monuments built by the Mughal kings had beautiful landscaped gardens in front of them.

From Taj Mahal to Humayun's Tomb gardens have always featured as an important part of the Mughal architecture. Apart from the Mughal gardens the tourists can also visit some of the Indian gardens which have etched a place for themselves in the long list of tourist attractions for their beauty and vibrancy.

While planning garden tour in India, travelers can begin with the Char Bagh garden which is laid out in front of the marvelous Taj Mahal in Agra. This garden is spread across a major part of the Taj complex and is designed in typical Islamic style. Multihued flower beds and green patches laid out in the garden adds elegance to this monument of love.

The Shalimar Bagh is yet another splendid creation of Mughal emperor Jahangir. The garden is located in Kashmir near Dal Lake. Fresh water fountains, big shady trees and colorful flowers characterize this garden.

The Nishat bagh and the Chashma Shahi Bagh are the two other gardens near Shalimar Bagh which can be included in your garden tour itinerary. Saheliyon Ki Bari in udaipur is landscaped with small pools, kiosks, fountains and marble elephants. It is a lovely picnic spot. The Rock garden in Chandigarh and The Mughal garden in Delhi are also worth visiting.


Festive Tours in India

India is a land of festivals and the festive tours will take you to places which are famous for their festivals. The festivals make you acquainted with the local culture, customs, religion and handicrafts. Special tours are customized to make the foreign and domestic tourists enjoy the celebrations of Mewar festival, Jaisalmer Desert Festival and Pushkar Camel fair.

Travel agents offer the travelers with an opportunity to customize their own festival tours in India. It may not be possible to attend two festivals simultaneously but you may attend different fairs and fests of a state at one go. But one can savor the authentic flavor of Indian culture if festival tours are planned in a focused way. It is better to participate in one festival at a time.

The several Festivals in India which are very popular and oft- visited include Kullu festival, Durga Puja, Lord Jagannath Rathayatra, Khajuraho Dance Festival, Holi, Goa carnival, Boat Race, Pongal Festival and Desert Festival.

So enjoy being a part of any one of the Beach Tours of India, Garden Tours in India or Festive Tours in India and make your vacation indelible.


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