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Deoghar Tours

Deoghar is one of the major tourist destinations in Jharkhand. Previously, Deoghar was situated in north-western Bihar, but now it is one of the important tourist destinations of Jharkhand state. There are numerous Hindu temples and holy places in Deoghar. The Shiva-Baidyanath temple is a major tourist attraction at Deoghar. A group of around 22 temples devoted to Lord Shiva is located in the town. Besides, various Buddhist remains are also sited close to Deoghar. Most Deoghar tours give you a chance to explore the fascinating monuments and sights of the area.

Deoghar is known as the home of Gods. Lord Baidyanath temple is the prime tourist attraction of Deoghar. There are several references of the city in Hindu legends. The Shiva-Baidyanath temple is one of the twelve sacred Jyotirlingas in India. According to history, Baiju, a seer, constructed the temple in 1596.

He revealed a lost lingam of Shiva. Since then the place is famous as Baidyanath. Devotes also call it the Kamna Lingam. The lingam is said to fulfill the devotees' desires. The main shrine of Baidyanath is surrounded by other shrines dedicated to other gods. The shrine of Parvati is joined to the main temple of Shiva. In the months of July and August, pilgrims gather in the city to celebrate the Shravan festival. During the rainy season, the land surrounding Deoghar is covered by greenery due to the monsoon spray. Before going to the Baidyanath temple, many of the pilgrims fill their jars with the sacred water of the river Ganga at Sultanganj. Generally, Monday is considered as the most favourable day to worship Shiva. On Mondays, pilgrims worship the lord wearing saffron clothes.

Trikut is an important place, which is covered in almost all Deoghar tours. Trikut is a picturesque hill spotted with numerous waterfalls, streams and caves. People take a stop at Trikut, on their return journey of Baidyanath. The place is adorned with several shrines and beautiful flowers.

Deoghar tours offer a nice opportunity to the tourists to visit various temples and pilgrimages. Naulakha temple is one of the sacred shrines located on the border of Deoghar town. The temple is renowned for its architectural marvels. Travellers should visit the Naulakha temple to explore the glory of the site, and observe some historical monuments nearby the place.

Nandan Pahar is another charming hill located near Deoghar. The hill is a home to the temples devoted to numerous gods and goddesses. Nandan Pahar is a nice place to savour a short picnic. There is a water tank at the top of the hill, which is a popular picnic destination among the natives.

Period between September to February is considered as the ideal time to organize Deoghar tours. Deoghar is easily accessible by both roadways and railways. Baidyanath Dham railhead is located in the Deoghar town, which is connected to the Jasidih junction. Buses from Ranchi, Bhagalpur, Tatanagar and Hazaribagh go to Deoghar. Besides, taxis and cycle rickshaws are also available, which facilitate local transportation.

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