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Tourism of Jharkhand

The state of Jharkhand is teeming with industries, mines and minerals, forestaries and wildlife sanctuaries. Despite the industrial dominance, in large parts of Jharkhand greenery prevails in its pristine glory. The tourism of Jharkhand holds much attraction for both the domestic and inbound tourists. Jharkhand is a state that is also blessed with broad, evergreen forests, waterfalls, wildlife, scenic beauty, holiday resorts and a good climate that attracts many tourists to the state.

More than about 28 percent of the population of the state of Jharkhand comprises of tribes. The famous festival of the tribes is the Sarhul. It is celebrated during the spring season, when the tall shaal trees get crowded with new leaves.

The festivity entails the worship of a village deity, who is believed to be the protector of the tribes, and it can hold a tourist appeal for those who want to explore beyond the mundane. However, some of the important conventional tourist spots of Jharkhand are:

The Betla National Park - Spread across 250 km, this sprawling wildlife park houses a wide variety of wildlife, which includes tiger, elephant, bison, sambhar, wild boar, cheetal deer, 15-20 feet long pythons, wild cats, badgers, Malabar giant squirrel among others. Covered with forests, valleys and hills, the park can serve as the right address in a wildlife enthusiast's tourism itinerary. Elephant rides are offered in the park, which gives a wonderful aerial view of the wildlife. 226 km of this park has been included under the ambit of Palamau Tiger Reserve.

Palamau Tiger Reserve- It was one of the nine forest reserves, which was brought under Project Tiger in 1973. It encompasses through parts of Betla National Park (226 km) and the Palamau Sanctuary (980 sq km). The tiger reserve has an enchanting variety of flora and fauna.

The wildlife population, besides tiger, includes wolves, leopards, sloth bear, four horned antelope, mouse dear and they share the space with the tribal population, which is a clear indication of nature and man harmony that our civilization needs to learn. Palamau Tiger Reserve is a chief attraction of Jharkhand Tourism.

Jonha Falls -Just 34 km away from Ranchi, this cascade greets you with its milky white exuberance. The beautiful scenery around the falls makes the place a picnic spot. The waterfall is also called Gautam Dhara, which implies some Buddhist legacy. There is a tourist rest house in the vicinity, which houses a temple of Lord Gautam Buddha. You can reach Gautam Dhara station directly by train. After alighting from train take a narrow road to reach the wide falls.

The Sun Temple- It is located 39 kms away from Ranchi. The temple is designed in the form of a very big chariot, that is richly decorated with 18 wheels and 7 horses. The Sun Temple is also praised with the fancy ephitet of 'A poem in stone.' The temple is surrounded by a pond which is a sacred place for the Chhathavratis. There is a dharmashala for the pilgrims, that is still under construction. The soothing and charming environment around the Sun Temple is likely to attract the tourists.

Baidyanath Dham (Deoghar) - This is a famous place for the Hindu pilgrims. It is also known as Deoghar, which means the house of Gods and Goddesses. Though the town is full of temples, but the Shiva-Baidyanath temple is perhaps the most famous among them. Here the Kamna Lingam of Lord Shiva has been placed since the realms of anitiquity. However, historically the temple dates back to 1596 AD, when a hunter discovered this lingam. Many devotees visit here in the month of Shravan, specially on Mondays. Baidyanath Dham can be reached either by road or by train. Many devotees come to Baidyanath Dham on foot, by traversing a distance of 100 kms, for pouring the holy water of river Ganga on the Kamna Lingam of Lord Shiva.

Jharkhand is also well known for its fantastic carvings on the wood and bamboo handicrafts. You can get unique paintings, musical instruments, wooden artifacts, ornamental designed jewelry, etc in the markets of Jharkhand. They can serve as mementos for your fascinating trip to Jharkhand.

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