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The name Jharkhand is believed to be derived from ‘jhari’, which means the land of shrubs. The state is famous for its mineral wealth and forestry products. It is located in the eastern side of India, on the boundary of West Bengal state. Earlier, Jharkhand was the part of Bihar state. Jharkhand tours could give a brief idea about the rich culture of Jharkhand.

Ranchi, Bokaro and Jamshedpur are the major industrial hubs of the state. The state is well connected by air, rail and roads to the rest of the country. The regular flights for Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata are available from the domestic airport of Ranchi. The main railway station of the state also lies in Ranchi. The national highways 23 and 33 are the main roads of the state. The huge road network of the state makes Jharkhand tours easily accessible.

Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Betla National Park and Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary of Jharkhand offer thrilling experiences of seeing a variety of exotic wildlife. They house numerous animals life elephant, tiger, beer, cheetal, antelope, wolf, etc. The mountain areas of Jharkhand hold a number of waterfalls, lakes and dense forests, which can be ideal picnic spots in your Jharkhand tours.

However, Jharkhand is not only rich in wildlife, but also in archaeological remnants. Various remarkable archaeological remains have been already discovered in Ranchi, Bokaro and Dhanbad distict. The museums at Ranchi and Dumka will tell you about the art and culture of state. Kunda Caves of Chatra district is another of the key attraction of the Jharkhand tours. The ruin of Kunda Palace, dating back to the 18th century, depict the rich legacy of the Jharkhand.

Palamau forts near Auranga river is another worth visiting place in your Jharkhand tours. They lie amidst the deep forests. The forts are constructed in the same style of Rohatasgarh and Shergarh. The forts hold the ruins of a two-storey mosque. Stones and concrete are the key ingredients used for the construction of walls of the forts. The remains of the paintings and stucco ornaments depict the culture of Mughal era.

Along with natural beauty, religious culture of Jharkhand has its unique identity in the country. Baidyanath Temple, Mahadev Sal, Sun Temple, and Parasnath Temple are the most holy places of the Jharkhand state. Baidyanath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is one of the twelve Jotirtlingas of the country. During the Indian month of Shravan, thousands of devotees visit this temple.

Jagannath Temple of Ranchi is conceived and modelled on the architecture of the famous Jagannath Temple of Puri, Orissa. This temple is the main attraction for the devotees during the annual Rath Yatra. Accommodation facility of Jharkhand is good even though it is a newly founded state. Most of the hotels in Jharkhand are located in the main cities like Ranchi, Bokaro and Jamshedpur. The modern amenities, restaurants, conference halls and banquet facilities are provided at most of the hotels. Hotel Yuvraj Palace, Capitol Hill, The Boulevard Hotel, Fortune Hotel, Hans Regency and Hotel Malthi Mahal are some of the renowned hotels of Jharkhand state. These hotels will provide comfortable and memorable stay during your Jharkhand tours.

The crowded markets of Ranchi and Bokaro are the best places for shopping. The handicraft items like wooden crafts, bamboo works, paitkar paintings, metal works, stone carving and jewelry are the main shopping items of Jharkhand.

The variety of attractions will make your Jharkhand tours most memorable and pleasing.

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Posted on 2011-09-07jharkhand state is a rich state in india.Bokaro,Dhanbad,Jamshedpur & Ranchi are industrial hub in jharkhand i love my jharkhand.jai jharkhand