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Jharkhand Travel

Jharkhand travel can help tourists to witness the natural beauty of the state. Jharkhand is one of the leading industrial states of India. The state is renowned for its profusion of natural resources. The state of Jharkhand has been recently carved out from Bihar. The state represents the prosperous legacy of Harappan culture. One can see some of the remnants of Harappan culture in the Hazaribagh city of the state.

While on Jharkhand travel, one can discover the unpolluted natural beauty dotted with pleasing lakes, thick forests, various waterfalls and springs, and the rocky mountains. Some of the interesting tourist destinations that should never be missed during your Jharkhand travel are Ranchi, Chotanagpur, Hazaribagh and Jamshedpur. These are the major cities of the state.

Ranchi is one of the major tourist places in Jharkhand. Moreover, it is the capital city of the state, which is situated on the highland called Chotanagpur, at an altitude of 2,140 ft above the sea level. The city is surrounded by dense forests with numerous trees including mahua, sal, asan, kend and gambhar. Tourists can enjoy a variety of wildlife in the woods of Ranchi. Some of the common wild animals like chital, sambar, bear and nilgai are easily seen here. Several interesting places at Ranchi are rock garden, kanke dam, Ranchi Lake, pahari mandir and Tagore hill. Ranchi Lake offers boating facilities for the tourists. You can see the whole Ranchi city, while standing near the Pahari Mandir, in a single panoramic visual sweep. Tagore hill is another beautiful hill Jharkhand, around 300 ft in height.

Jamshedpur is another big city in the state, which is named after the famous industrialist Jamshedhji Tata. Large plants of Tata Steel and Tata Motors are located in the city. Sakchi is known as the city center, and the major market place of Jamshedpur. Some of the famous places at Jamshedpur are Baridih, Telco, Jubilee Park, rivers meet and Bhuvaneshwari temple. Jubilee Park is a gift to the people of the city, given by Tata Steel on its golden jubilee. The widespread park houses a rose garden, lake, amusement park and a zoo. Rivers meet is a meeting point of two rivers Kharkai and Subarnarekha.

Dassam falls is one of the major tourist destinations which should be covered during your Jharkhand travel. The falls are around 40 km from Ranchi on Tata Road. The fall is not fit for bathing as it flows down from an altitude of 144 ft. There is a tiny village nearby the falls named Tamarind, which is an ideal place to see the falls.

Sun temple is another important place in Jharkhand travel, which is sited around 39 km from Ranchi. The temple is shaped in the form of an enormous chariot with images of 18 wheels. Seven horses that appear like live horses carry the chariot away. A beautiful pond surrounds the temple.

Netarhat is one of the beautiful places in Jharkhand, which is known as the Queen of Chhotanagpur. Dense forests surround the place. One can have some eye-catching views of the sunset and sunrise from Netarhat. Arrange Jharkhand travel to discover the pristine glory of natural assets in India.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/06