Karnataka: IT's an Evolved Cultural Tapestry

Karnataka is a state characterized by rich history and a varied geography. Spread across 191791 sq km, the geography of Karnataka can be broadly demarcated into coastal region, the Western Ghats and the Deccan Plateau. The state has a wealth of natural bounties in the form of serene beaches, and dense forests teeming with wildlife. At the same time, the rich recorded history of Karnataka , that traces back to the days of Indus Valley Civilization, along with a number of diverse cultural influences through which the region had been subjected to during the course of its chequered history, has contributed to Karnataka's singular tourism appeal.

The tourism of Karnataka is not only manifested in its exotic beaches and wildlife, but also in its myriad temples and other historic structures, thereby making it a state of all seasons for visitors. The pluralistic culture of Karnataka; specially its ritualistic folk dances, are also a tourist attraction. These dance performances assimilate millennia-old traditions, and present them in scintillating performances, thereby transporting you to another world where myths and folklore reigns…

Kanchipuram silk sarees are probably the most sublime expressions of the costumes of Karnataka, but an affordable alternative to this can be found in the Mysore silk sarees, which are also extremely beautiful. Mysore peta also effectively adorns the heads of Karnataka men folk with its silky arrogance. This headdress is worn in formal ceremonies, and is a sign of achievement. The handicrafts of Karnataka can lend impressiveness to the tourists' collection of mementos. The exquisite wood works, ivory works and sandal wood works of Karanataka's artisans have a seminal appeal, that doesn't fail to induce the tourists to stop by and flash their credit cards, or go for their wallets.

To have a taste of Karnataka in the literal sense, a gastronomic trip through the cuisines of Karnataka is a must. Various regions of Karnataka have their unique specialties, but all of which can delight your senses, irrespective of whether you are of a vegetarian or non-vegetarian disposal. Whether you are savouring Udipi masala dosa or spicy fish delicacies from the state's coastal regions, it is likely that you would savour heaven.

The official language of the state of Karnataka is Kannada, and 65 percent of the state's population speaks this language. However, native languages like Tulu, Kodava Takk and Konkani are also integral parts of the body comprising languages of Karnataka. Urdu is also spoken by a wide section of the Muslim population of Karnataka.

Though the IT revolution has taken over the capital of Karnataka within a few years, which has resulted in a service sector boom of sorts, but industry and agriculture are also contributing significantly to the state's business and economy . Karnataka has a rich reservoir of mineral resources, which gives the necessary impetus to its industrial growth. The state also leads the nation in coffee, coarse cereals and raw silk production.

Karnataka has a vibrant sports culture, which has resulted in producing of a number of eminent sportspersons over the years. Though the favourite sport of Karnataka is obviously cricket like in anywhere else in India, various other sports of Karnataka also attract active support and participation from the people of Karnataka. Specially, hockey in Kodagu is not merely a game; it is an overwhelming passion.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/11