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Bangalore Tours

The city of Bangalore is the capital of the state of Karnataka. This city is termed as the IT hub of India; hence you will find here all the facilities befitting a metropolitan city. But along with technological advancement, the city of Bangalore is also famous for its rich culture and religion. This city also has a long history attached to it. Hence whenever you come for Bangalore tours, you have to visit every nook and corner of this city to experience it.

While you are on your Bangalore tours, you can stay in the finest star hotels like Taj Westend Hotel, The Oberoi Hotel, Leela Palace Hotel and Le Meridian Hotel. These are some of the hotels offering world class services, with all the luxury amenities. By staying at these hotels you can make your Bangalore tours unforgettable. Bangalore also has some interesting architectural buildings like the Vidhan Soudha, and the government museum of Bangalore. These buildings have stately architectures, and are surrounded by sprawling gardens. During tours to Bangalore you can also visit the Visvesvaraya Technical and Industrial Museum. This museum is dedicated to science and technology.

The tourists interested in religious attractions can pay a visit to the 16th century Nandi Temple. This temple is influenced by the Dravidian architecture, and is one of the important places of worship. The other temples in Bangalore are the Venkataramanaswamy Temple, the Gavi Gangadhareswara Cave Temple and the Someshwara Temple. Tourists fascinated by history can visit the Tipu Sultan's Fort and Palace. This structure is preserved to cherish the memories of the 18th century emperor. He was one of the bravest emperors to rule the city of Bangalore.A visit to all these tourist attractions proves that though the city of Bangalore has reached new heights of advancement, its religious and cultural roots are still strong. Many tourist attractions around the city of Bangalore can be visited during the Bangalore tours. The Ulsoor Lake is the nearest tourist spot from Bangalore.Nature lovers can visit the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary or the Bannerghatta National Park. These parks are abundant in the native flora and fauna. The explorers can visit the big banyan tree which is assumed to be 400 years old.

Other tourist attractions in and around Bangalore include the Muthvalamaduvu, Hesaraghatta and Murudeshwar, etc. All these places are famous for their natural beauty and waterfalls during monsoon. Tourists interested in art can visit the Nrityagram village. This village is established by a former Odissi dancer Protima Gauri. Here they revive the age old Indian dance forms. Here interested students are given long term study of classical dances and associated subjects. The school runs under the age-old guru-shisya parampara (tradition). Art lovers can visit this village and school during their Bangalore tours. The school runs from August to May. And in the month of February, the school hoists an all night dance program. Renowned artists from different states arrive to this village to perform.

Apart from all the tourist destinations, Bangalore is an ideal pace for shopping. It is very good place to relax and enjoy. Every street in Bangalore has an eating joint, hence the tourists would not face any problems regarding food. As Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka it is well connected with the rest of India. This city also has an international airport so tourists can easily reach this city.

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Garden Tours to Bangalore:

Bangalore is one of the most vibrant cities of India. This city not only has many heritage sites but also is famous for its gardens and parks. You will find numerous gardens and parks dotted around the Bangalore city.

Religious Tours to Bangalore: Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. Tourists from all over the world visit this city for various reasons. Some tourists visit Bangalore as a part of their Karnataka travel, some visit to view the historic monuments, while some exclusively come for the religious tours to Bangalore.

Heritage Tours to Bangalore: The city of Bangalore is known as the IT hub of India. However, this city has played an important role in India's history. Hence, this city has a rich history and a colorful culture. A large number of tourists are attracted to the Bangalore city.

Entertainment in Bangalore: Bangalore has a flourishing club culture; some of its clubs have a history dating from the times of the British. Recently, many clubs and resorts have sprung up in the city of Bangalore. At the same time, some old clubs like the Bangalore Club, Century Club, etc. are still providing the locals as well as the tourists with lots of options for entertainment in Bangalore.

Restaurants in Bangalore: The restaurants in Bangalore offer such a wide variety of cuisines that the tourists are faced with question of what all to eat. This city of Bangalore and its restaurants are a paradise found for the true foodies from around the world.

Shopping in Bangalore: Bangalore is a paradise for shoppers. You can find everything you want in Bangalore, be it the traditional handicrafts to the latest gadgets, from traditional silk saris to Swarovski crystal saris. If you want it then Bangalore has it. Shopping in Bangalore can be a wonderful experience if done at the right time and right place.

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