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Mangalore is the main administrative centre of southwestern Karnataka. It is 357 km from Bangalore, located near the Netravati and Gurpur rivers, along the Malabar coast. In the 14th century, Mangalore was a hub of the Persian Gulf trade, while in the mid 16th century it was occupied by the Portuguese. The city experienced the rule of Haidar Ali, Tipu Sultan and subsequently British rule, in the 18th century. Today its modern port is India's ninth largest cargo handling port, which is located at 10 km distance from the city of Mangalore. This port is known for its coffee and cashew nuts exports. The National Cashew Research Centre is located at Puttur, which is near Mangalore. The Konkan Railway project helps to boost the trade and commercial activities of the city.

Banking and private entrepreneurship are the strong points of the city of Mangalore. It is the center for four nationalized banks and general insurance companies. Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers, Mangalore Refinaries and Petrochemical Limited, National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited and Infosys Limited are the main industries of the city. Jaiprakash Industries and NTPC play crucial roles in the power sector of Mangalore.

Mangalore has a number of legendary pilgrim centers. The city of Mangalore was earlier known as Mangalapura, named after the Mangaladevi. Mangaladevi Temple is located about 3 km from the city, which is dedicated to the Goddess Mangala Devi. Kadri Temple of Lord Manjunatha is another holy temple, located at a 5 km distance from the Mangalore city. The temple is also famous as Pandavas of the Mahabharata fame were believed to have stayed in the cave, located nearby this temple, during their exile. Thus these caves are known as Pandava Guhe.

Gokarnatheshwara Temple is another famous temple, located at 2 km from Mangalore. The temple is dedicated to Lord Gokarnatha. The Maha Maya temple of Mangalore is dedicated to the deity Kali. This temple is about 2000 years old. Venkatramana Temple, Shri Sharavu Mahaganpati Temple and Moodabidri Temple are some of the other famous temples of the city of Mangalore.

St. Aloysius Chapel is located on the Lighthouse Hill of the city of Mangalore. The construction of the church dates to 1899-1900. The beautiful paintings of Anthony Moscheni of Italy were used for the decoration of the walls of the church. The church can be compared with Sistine Chapel in Rome. Aloysius preaching about God to his townsfolk, the first communion of Aloysius, and Aloysius seeking admission to the Jesuit Order are some of the beautiful paintings adorning the church.

Mangalore is a seaport town. Ullal beach is an unspoilt virgin beach of the city. It is located about 12 km from the city. This silvery beach is famous for its breathtaking views of sunset . Many beach activities take place on this beach. Summer Sand Resorts of the beach offers all modern amenities along with sports facilities. Malpe beach is located 66km to the north of Mangalore. The beach has an extended unblemished natural coastal track.

The mouth-watering cuisines, temples, beautiful beaches along with warm hospitality of the city, make Mangalore a perfect destination for the business as well as leisure travellers.

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