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Karnataka Travel

During a trip to India, all the visitors should make it a point to chalk out a plan for Karnataka travel as well. The state of Karnataka is located on the western part of India. This state is famous for its classical music and dances. The tourist attractions in Karnataka will attract tourists who are interested in art, adventure and nature. Once you are into Karnataka travel you will never like the fascinating journey to end.

Tourists mainly come for Karnataka travel to experience the rich Carnatic music. The tourist spots in Karnataka are an integral part of the rich history of Karnataka. These tourist spots cater to the demands of its tourists. The tourists who are interested in history and archeology can visit the Hampi and Pattadakal villages. These are the sites of the most ancient civilizations.

The people who are interested in architecture can visit the temples of Halebedu, Belur and Somanathapura. The nature lovers can see the famous Jog Waterfalls, the Shivasamudra Falls, the Abbi Falls and the Irupu Falls, etc. during their Karnataka travel. These falls offer mesmerizing views, which are unforgettable. Tourists can also visit the hill forts of Karnataka like the Nandi Hill, Savanadurga, Madhugiri and the Pavagada. These are some of the famous tourist sites in Karnataka.

The capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore has many tourist attractions like the Bangalore Palace and the Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens. Tourists can also visit the neighbouring cities of Mysore and Coorg, during their Karnataka travel. The tourists interested in art and culture will find Karnataka travel to be an invigorating experience. Here the tourists can experience the cultural side of Karnataka. Kunitha and Bhratnatyam are widely acclaimed.

The best time for the Karnataka travel is during the festivals like Dussera, Yugadi, Ramanavami and the Coorg festival. During these festivals, the atmosphere in Karnataka is pleasant and welcoming. The tourists who want to be a part of Karnataka's culture can visit this state in the months of October to March. The adventurers can go trekking on the hill forts of Karnataka. The tourists can also try various adventure sports during their Karnataka travel. The best time for adventure sports is during the monsoons. The hills are covered with lush green vegetation and the climate is very pleasant.

Tourists can also go for shopping in Karnataka. The silk saris of Mysore and the sandalwood carvings of Bangalore are famous throughout the world. Tourists can also shop for metal objects and local handicrafts from the various cities of Karnataka. There are huge malls in cities like Bangalore. These malls are lavishly decorated and offer various national and international brands for sale.

There are many luxury hotels in cities like Mysore and Bangalore. Hence tourists can choose from a wide variety of hotels. Tourists can also stay at resorts, which offer world class services with an ethnic touch. Some of the well known hotels and resorts in Karnataka are the Grand Ashok Hotel, Orange Country Resort; Kaynes Hotel, etc. These hotels are equipped with all the necessary amenities. You can reach Karnataka by any mode of transport. There are two international airports each in the cities of Bangalore and Mangalore. The railway system is well equipped while the state of Karnataka has a dense system of roadways. Hence you can visit Karnataka from any corner of the world. No matter how you come to the state of Karnataka you will receive a warm welcome from the people of Karnataka. And the experiences you have during your Karnataka travel will always keep the state of Karnataka alive in your memories.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/11