Kerala - God's Own Country

Kerala, God's Own Country as its more famously referred as is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. It attracts tourists from different corners of the globe. Those who love to explore the nature and the travelers who are intrigued by history, this state of India offers a number of tourist attractions. There are very few destinations in the world that offers diverse topography and Kerala find a praiseworthy position among such regions. Beaches, Temples, Backwaters, Churches, Hill Stations and Forts along with the presence of rich flora and fauna makes Kerala a complete travel destination.

Kerala Tourism is all about fun, enjoyment, relaxation and exploring the natural wilderness. The Tourism of Kerala is a potpourri of magical influences that is revering with soul-gripping beauty. Kerala is a land of green fields, thick forests, sombre mountains, leisurely backwater cruises, beautiful beaches, azure blue waters and modern cities making it one of the most popular tourist places to visit. Located in the southern part of the Indian sub-continent, Kerala is located in a very close proximity to the Arabian Sea. This enigmatic state of extraordinary beauty is blessed with a rich natural bounty and a fascinating cultural heritage.

This southern India state is also famous for its Ayurvedic Treatment. An ayurvedic massage resting in a house boat that is anchored in the backwaters of Kerala would certainly re-energize your body, mind and soul. Irrespective of being close to nature the state has all the necessary modern day facilities. Some of the resorts where one would find ayurvedic massage therapies are Spice Village, Marari Beach Resort, Sanjeevam Resort and Coconut Holiday Resort.

The Business & Economy of Kerala is thriving with new promises for tomorrow, where agriculture, industry and services sectors are doing their respective growth roles to make IT a booming experience. Over the decades, the Politics of Kerala has learnt the dicey art of ensuring stability in coalition, which is providing for a steady political climate; necessary to fuel the engine of economic progress over short and long runs.

Kerala Tourism will lead you to a place which has highest literacy rates, which paves the way for education, awareness and eventually, an evolved society. This awareness is reflected in society's efforts to preserve the rich Culture of Kerala, which despite the onslaughts of modern trends and values, holds its very own timeless appeal. Cultural mosaic can be experienced on Kerala Tours, among other things, is manifested in the Traditional Dresses. The state has not yet shed its mundu and neriyathu altogether for the allure of denim jeans and designer wears.

The Food of Kerala, with its Appams, Fish Moilee, Malabar Mutton Biryani, Chili Garlic Prawns and Payasam and many other sumptuous delicacies, can give you a wonderful taste of this state known for spice plantations, and esoteric feel of this delectable gastronomic journey can be quite similar to that of its languid backwater cruises. These sensual delights can complement the exquisite Handicrafts to make vignettes of Kerala linger in your memories for a lifetime. The bell metal, ivory, rosewood and sandalwood works of Kerala are renowned across the globe, and some of them can be your prized possessions.

The Dances of Kerala are another singular reflection of the state's perennial cultural legacy. Even in this age of break dances and hip hop, the high drama of a Kathakali recital through the night, or an enchanting Mohiniattam performance can give goose bumps to your flesh and bring music to your soul. The primary spoken Languages of Kerala are Malayalam and English, and the former is the official language of the state. There are many popular Sports, but the most singular form of Kerala sports is The Snake Boat Races, which are held during the Onam Festivities. Do add famous boat race in your Tour to Kerala.

History of Kerala

Kerala in the ancient time was a major trade center in India. Traders from different parts of the world like Rome, Greece, France, and China visited the state of Kerala in order to carry out trade. This may be felt by the impression of these societies over the culture and architecture of the place.

The historical significance of the region dates back to the period of BC. Cave paintings found in the region of Wayanad puts the history of Kerala at new heights. There are also findings that are said to be from the Bronze Age. Moving down the path of history one would also find the reference of Kerala as a major spice trader. The state was also known for its spice trade which it still maintains in today’s time. Being an important region in the world map, Kerala witnessed the rule of many dynasties. Chera Dynasty amongst them ruled the state during first century BC. The Southern part of Kerala was then ruled by the Pandyan Kingdom.

Kerala also bears the footprints of Vasco da Gama. It was in the year 1498, that the voyager arrived the coast of Kerala state and started an important chapter in the history of the region. As the time progressed the influence of the Portuguese increased and Kerala saw various shades of their lifestyle. From the architectural heights of the Portuguese to there powerful religious influence, this region experienced a lot. With the flow of time the Dutch also came in power. Following the Dutch, the power shifted to The East India Company. During the British regime, Kerala was a strategic & an important location and was a link between China, Mediterranean and the Middle East. The British also fought battles with Haider Ali and later his son Tipu Sultan. During the independence movement, Kerala witnessed many chapters of the independence era. All these historical landmarks can still be explored today on a visit to Kerala.

Tourist Places To Visit In Kerala

The magnificent Kerala state is gifted with some of the best tourist places to visit in the entire region. From the scenic Hills to the exotic Beaches, from the serene Backwaters to the majestic Forts & Palaces, there are plenty of options for the travellers. The other tourist attractions of Kerala are Wildlife Sanctuaries, Religious Sites which comprises of Temples & Churches, Caves, Lakes, Waterfalls, Museums, Dams and Islands. More on Tourist Places To Visit In Kerala.

Kerala Tourism Development Corporation - KTDC

KTDC is a government establishment in charge of the tourism of Kerala and offers accommodation services in different parts of the state. These hotels and resorts range from budget to heritage category. Headquartered in the city of Thiruvanathapuram or more popularly known as Trivandrum, Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) ensures proper value for money of the tourists and offers all the necessary facilities & aminities that are essential for a memorable stay. It also provides package & tailor made tours at the most affordable rates. More on KTDC.

Districts Of Kerala

Kerala is blessed with some of the most beautiful districts studded with best cities that are rich in historical facts where reflection of tradition and culture may be observed. These districts of Kerala are home to some of the most important tourist attractions of south India. There are in all 14 revenue districts in the Kerala State. More on Districts of Kerala.

Weather In Kerala

The Weather of Kerala sedates tourists with its mild and pleasant climate throughout the year. The winters are not too cold and the summers are not extremely hot. Kerala may be visited at any time during the year. But, the ideal time to visit Kerala is during the winters which is from November – February though the Monsoons are also a beautiful time to visit. The lush green environment during the monsoon becomes more attractive, pleasant and blissful. During winters one may also find the migratory birds in the famous bird sanctuary at Kumarakom. Kerala is said to be that region of the country to experience the first rainfall. The view during the monsoons becomes breathtaking with the beauty of the lush green environment imposing itself over that of the man made creation. But one must make sure that the beaches are not included during that season. Due to heavy rains and high tides the beach tours may not be a safe to venture. One may also visit during the month of August – September as this period is ideal to undergo an ayurvedic massage treatment. The months of October - March generally witnesses a heavy influx of tourists. Weather of Kerala in detail.

Kerala Travel Guide

Kerala is proved to have a well connected network of transportation with rest of India. The best ways of entering into the state is by Air, Rail or even by Road. There are 3 Airports in Kerala – Cochin International Airport, Trivandrum International Airport and Calicut International Airport. Kannur International Airport is an upcoming airport in the state. One may opt for Taxis, Buses, Ferries, Railways or Rented Cars to travel within & outside the state. More on Kerala Travel Guide.

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