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Backwaters Of Kerala

Kerala Backwaters are a major attraction for tourists across the globe. Home to a rich vegetation the backwaters offer an exotic experience that is hard to compare. The green surroundings, the quaint waters, the colorful birds make the view beautiful and wonderful. The best way to experience the beauty of Kerala tourism is by taking a houseboat cruise along the water bodies. Kerala has an intricate network of canals, rivers and lakes forming the backwater channels. These water bodies are essential from both economical and ecological point of view providing an ideal way of transportion for the locals and tourists alike.

Kerala has a rich and vibrant history that dates back to many centuries with forts, palaces and other historical monuments spread across the length and breadth of the state. All these tourists attractions may be covered during houseboat trip through the backwaters. Many tour operators arrange for the inland tours taking the tourists to these historical sites. The exotic backwaters give unique identity to Kerala tourism, and are highlighting features of the tourism of Kerala. Alleppey, with its intricate alley of backwaters, is known as the 'Venice of the East'. The houseboat tour on the backwaters affords a wonderful experience for the tourists.

Many government and private travel agencies arrange backwater tours by houseboats that would open up a palate of colorful experience. From exploring the beauty of the region to a pampering session of ayurvedic massage the options are plenty on Kerala tour. Some of the popular ayurvedic resorts are functional in and around backwaters. Houseboats in Kerala are made of natural materials and offer the basic necessities. The traveler may also indulge in a session of ayurvedic massage while on a slow cruise along these backwaters. The backwaters of Kerala also host the famous snake boat race, a major attraction for tourists every year.

Famous Backwaters Of Kerala

The most frequently visited and famous backwaters of Kerala are :

  1. Kuttanad Backwaters

    The Kuttanad Backwaters, also known as Rice Bowl of India, is popular for its paddy fields and is a major producer of rice. Due to the presence of dotting palm trees and the line of banana trees Kuttanad is an eminent backwater destination of Kerala. On a houseboat cruise through Kuttanad one would come across a huge variety of birds and natives executing the daily chores surrounding the water bodies. More on Kuttanad Backwaters

  2. Kollam Backwaters

    Kollam Backwater is known for its beautiful landscape and numerous attractions like Asthamudi Lake - forms a part of the backwater; Mata Amrithanandamayi Ashram - pilgrim destination visited by many foreigners and The Thangasseri Fort - Portuguese fort. Located in the north of the capital city of Trivandrum, Kollam is known for its cashew nut industry. Through the intricate backwater channels one can head for Alapuzzha from Kollam. This 8 hrs long journey complemented by the natural beauty and greenery throught would offer an amazing experience. More on Kollam Backwaters

  3. Alleppey Backwaters

    On tour to Alleppey Backwaters the tourists apart from visiting the majestic Vembanad Kayal can witness the spectacular snake boat race generally held in the last half of the month. Vembanad is the longest lake of India and the largest in Kerala covering an area of 2033 Sq. Kms. One may also visit the historical sites here that narrates various tales of the past. The other attractions at Alleppey is the lighthouse and the exotic beach. More on Alleppey Backwaters.

  4. Kasargod Backwaters

    Kasargod is one of the most popular backwaters located in the northern part of the Kerala state. Kasargod plays an important role in the economy of Kerala through its agricultural activities and coir industry. On a houseboat cruise through Kasargod Backwaters, trips to verious tourist attractions like forts, beaches, islands and rich vegetations is always on the cards. There are two areas - Chandragiri and Valiyaparamba in Kasargod from where the houseboat cruises mainly operate. More on Kasargod Backwaters

  5. Kozhikode Backwaters

    If chartering on an untainted path is something you are looking for, then Kozhikode Backwaters is a wonderful option. The entire Kozhikode backwater region is densely covered with trees and other vegetations making it home to wide variety of birds. One can also opt for boating activities in Canoly Canal, Kallayi River and Elathur during the houseboat cruise. The other tourist attractions in Kozhikode are Kozikode Beach, Art Gallery and Kappad Beach. More on Kozhikode Backwaters.

  6. Kumarakom Backwaters

    A part of the Kuttand, Kuamarakom region, forms a major ayurvedic treatment destination housing a number of resorts offering ayurvedic services to the tourists. Situated on the Vembanad Kayal, Kumarakom Backwaters is known for its mesmerizing beauty consisting of green palm trees. One may also visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary home to a huge variety of birds and migratory birds. More on Kumarakom Backwaters

  7. Thiruvallam Backwaters

    During a visit to Thiruvallam Backwaters old traditional lifestyle of the Kerala state can be experienced. Villagers in the villages and fisherman with Chinese nets enjoying the traditional life is a common sight here. Located 6 Kms from the capital city of Trivandrum, the Thiruvallam Backwaters has numerous tourist attractions like Veli Lagoon, historical temples and rivers. One may also opt for a canoe ride or a cruise along the tranquil waters here. More on Thiruvallam Backwaters

Other Kerala Backwater Channels

The other backwater destinations apart from one listed above are :

  1. Trivandrum Backwaters
  2. Kottayam Backwaters
  3. Kannur Backwaters
  4. Ashtamudi Backwaters
  5. Cochin Backwaters
  6. Kumbalangi Backwaters
  7. Padanna Backwaters
  8. Anjengo Backwaters
  9. Valiyaparamba Backwaters
  10. Kayamkulam Backwaters
  11. Kodungallur Backwaters
  12. Chettuva Backwaters
  13. Chandragiri Backwaters

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