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Mahabaleshwar is a hill station in the state of Maharashtra. The splendid place is located at a height of 1372 m above the sea level in the mountain ranges of the Sahyadris. This enchanting hill spot is well known for its fresh milieu. Marvelous viewpoints and stunning hill resorts make the city look more picturesque. The place rambles over a small area providing easy accessibility to the entire spectacular sites available in the city.

Wilson Point also called is a perfect place to watch the rising sun. The sun is said to bestow its first rays at this point. The place is also called as Sunrise Point. Another magnificent spot in the vicinity of the impressive city is Babington Point. The point offers spectacular view of Chinaman's cascade and Koyna vale. In close proximity with Babington Point lies Helen's Point. The point gives breathtaking sight of countryside and small huts.

Hunter Point and Connaught peak are the two prominent sites of the hill station. The Connaught peak offers a gorgeous vista of Krishna Dale and Lake Venna. Earlier, it was also called as Mount Olympia. It also offers a panoramic view of Elphiston Point and Old Mahabaleshwar in the north. To its east, lie the ancient Padavgad and Krishna Dale. A quaint view Koyna vale can only be obtained from the Hunter's Point. Lake Vena is the major center of boating activities. Lodwick point, also called as elephant's head is a beautiful spot offering a dazzling view of the city. Some other exotic places in hill station include Baghdad Point, Catholic Church, Gaolani Point and Mount Malcolm.

In close proximity to the enticing Arthur's Seat lie the Savitri and Marjorie points. A tiny torrent called as Tiger Spring can also be visited on the way to Arthur's Seat. Numerous excursion sites in and around the city are the highlight point of an excursion designed for tourists. Many falls, springs and cascades like lingmala, dhodi falls, Chinaman are worth a visit for their charming beauty. Pune, Panchagani, Pratapgadh Fort, Lonavala and Khandala are some of the major excursion sites near Mahabaleshwar.

The vivacious bazaars of the city offer a variety of items for the idyllic shopper. The markets are famous for a wide array of fruit jams and fresh honey. Fresh fruits and splashes made from them are the major attractions in Mahabaleshwar. Strawberries can be found in ample quantity in the city. Chikkis made of pure jaggery, blended with cashew nuts, walnuts and other fruits are the most popular items available in plenty in the city. The hill station also offers numerous heritage resorts offering a comfortable stay in the city.

The airport of Pune lies just 120 km from the city. The hill station is also easily accessible through railways. The railhead of Wathar lies 62 km from the main city. As Mahabaleshwar is well connected with Mumbai and Pune by roadways, the hill station in turn is well connected with all the prominent cities of Maharashtra and the adjoining states as well.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/15