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Pune is known as the city of diverse cultures. This spectacular city is located in the state of Maharashtra. Also known as 'Queen of Deccan', 'Oxford of the East' and even 'Pensioner's Paradise', Pune asserts magnificent times of yore, a novel present and a capable future. Though the place has become the hub of modern education in India, it still retains its quaint charm.

Pune has a number of enormous dams in its vicinity. Bustling bazaars, enticing mosques, shrines, couches, parks, hotels and palaces makes the city a traveler's ecstasy. The major highlight of the city is the Ganpati festival celebrated every year to venerate the most revered Lord Ganesha.

The Lal Deval, which is a synagogue, is an architectural marvel built with stone and red bricks. The fine structure is deliberated in an elegant gothic style, and looks like a church. The city is also famous for its verdant gardens. The Mahatma Gandhi Udyan is an enchanting park built by Jamshedji Jeebhoy. Earlier called as Bund Garden, the park resides on the bank of the Mula Mutha River. Numerous jogging trails and boating activities add more liveliness to the pulsating city.

The Osho Ashram located in the heart of Pune attracts a large number of tourists. People from all parts of the world visit the place to partake in the meditation classes organized in the Ashram. The Ashram encompasses memorial of Osho Rajneesh. The attractive gardens are open for all in evenings as well as mornings.

The Pataleshwar Cave shrine is an enticing rock-cut shrine of the 8th century. This enchanting Shiva temple with a Nandi Bull in it is made of colossal rock with giant pilasters. The Shinvanchi Chhatri is an impressive memorial of brave combatant Mahadji Shinde. The shrine is an exceptional marvel, demonstrating the traditional Rajasthani architecture. Pune has some of the enthralling tourist attractions including Shaniwar Wada, Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Saras Baug, Parvati Knoll and shrine, Tilak Smarak Mandir, Bal Gandharva Mandir, and Chaturshringi Shrine.

Snake Park in Katraj is specially established for the preservation of the nearly extinct species of snakes. The city also has India's best Film and Television Institute in its vicinity. The Sinhagad Fort, located in the city is of great historic significance.

The city offers great delight to the shopping freaks. The bazaars of Pune are famous for its traditional jewelry and charming nine yard saris. The imposing long saris are also called as Nauwari by the local populace. Laxmi Road and Tulsi Baug are the two most famous areas to shop in the city. MG Road, Fashion Streets and Hong Kong Lane, Koregaon Park, FC Road and Dhole Patil Road are some of the vibrant market places offering variety of knick knacks and traditional beads jewelry to the people.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/15