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Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It is also called Punyanagari. The central administration of the city is located in the Pune division. Fabulous restaurants, museums and hill forts are the places of tourists' attraction. The population of students in the city is high. The city has a lively and vibrant atmosphere. Pune being the cosmopolitan city, extends varieties of entertainment to the city people and the tourists. Pune also has a sizeable population of musicians and artists , which has paved the way for development of a rich cultural fabric of the city.

Agha Khan Palace has been constructed in 1892, by Sultan Mahommed Shah, Agha Khan III, for providing employment to the famine struck people of the neighbouring region. Splendid architectural work of this palace attracts the tourists from various parts of the country and world, and must be included in your Pune travel.

Apart from well established learning institutions there are many research institutions in the Pune city. Though Marathi is the state language, education is mainly carried out either in English or Hindi. It serves as the major center for learning Japanese language. Education is one of the main reasons to Pune travel.

Bund Garden is called Mahatma Gandhi Udhayan. This garden has been mainly constructed by Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy, to provide water for the poor during the summer season. Here boat and horse rides during the evening acts as a source of entertainment for the people in the city. It is situated near the camp area, and is located on the Airport road.

The fine Rajasthani style of art can be seen in the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum. Wide and fascinating varieties of artifacts can be seen in this museum. Osho Commune International is a meditation resort. This resort has been visited by the foreigners from 60 -70 different countries. People on spiritual tour tend to visit this place due to the teaching and guidance of different methods of mediation techniques. Earlier the temples on the Parvathi Hill personally belonged to the Peshawas. The steps leading to the temple are very narrow and steep. Each of the temples reflect a distinct Maratha heritage. From Parvati Hill one can get a panoramic view of the Pune city. Pashan Lake serves as the residential house of the migratory birds. Colorful birds can be seen during a visit to this lake.

Palace constructed by the Shivaji's successor is named as Shaniwar Wada. This building was entirely destroyed by fire, in the year 1827. Certain remains of this building can be seen today. This charming palace has a lotus pool that was constructed earlier. A trip to Pune can be enjoyed undoubtedly by visiting all these historical places.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/15