Rajasthan: Where History is Present

Rajasthan is the largest state of India in terms of area. The geography of Rajasthan is dominated by the Thar desert and the Aravalli ranges, and the state is characterized by harsh summers and equally harsh winters. But is geography is compensated by its vivid historical mosaic. Rajasthan is a land of myriad charms. It is a modern state and an ancient land; where the crowded alleys of its colourful bazaars, majestic corridors of its stately palaces, and the lonely ramparts of its mighty forts whisper an unmistakable aura of royal legacy for the modern tourists to feel, hear, and seep into their beings.

Romance of the history of Rajasthan; laced with several myths and folklore, echoes through its numerous forts and palaces, which endows the tourism of Rajasthan with an added appeal for its outbound and domestic tourists. However, Rajasthan doesn't lie in yesterdays alone; it is a state with a vision for tomorrow. This is very much reflected in the business and economy of Rajasthan, which of course, is not limited to tourism. With 90 percent of the mineral reservoirs of the country, it is not surprising that the agrarian state also stands second in the list of states, in terms of annual production of minerals. However, the industry and services sector are making chunk of contributions to the economy of Rajasthan, though agriculture accounts for the maximum percentage of labour force of Rajasthan.

Your experience of Rajasthan cannot be complete without wearing its colourful costumes or tasting its authentic Dal-Baati Churma. Along with the cuisines of Rajasthan do taste the wonderful hospitality of its people. The angarakhi jackets, ghaghra cholis, lehangas, cotton or silk sarees with rich embroidery are some of the authentic costumes of Rajasthan, which may induce the latent shopaholic in you, as would the intricate handicrafts of Rajasthan. From the warmth of its feather-light quilts to the fascinating blue pottery adorned with paintings to exquisite wooden furniture…the crafts of Rajasthan has a wonderful tradition and range.

The dances of Rajasthan are colourful and varied, and truly embody the rich culture of Rajasthan in their graceful movements and rhythms. If watching Ghoomar gives you a pleasant feel, witnessing the fire dance or Bhavi can make your jaw drop. All in all, you are likely to soon realize that these earthy people are passionate about their songs and dances, which do infuse colour in their dry environment.

The adventure sports of Rajasthan present an array of adrenalin pumping options to explore, ranging from ballooning, to gliding to desert safaris.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/08