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Culture of Rajasthan

Every region has its own culture. It is considered as the identity of that region. Culture of Rajasthan is glorious and varied. The very name of Rajasthan conjures up images of glistening golden desert dunes, magnificent landscapes, exotic handicrafts and arts, and of course, the charm of a bygone regal aura, which is still imbibed in the cultural kaleidoscope of the state.

The official language of Rajasthan is Hindi. But Rajasthani and its main four dialects are the chief languages of communication. There are also small pockets of English speaking communities in the urban areas of Rajasthan.

Music and Dance

The folk music and folk dances are the integral parts of the vibrant culture of Rajasthan. The pulsating music and the high-pitched rustic melodies of these folk dances make Rajasthan come alive in your heart…never matter wherever you are.

The Ghoomar dance from Udaipur and Kalbeliya dance from Jaisalmer have become popular throughout the world. They are the exports of the culture of Rajasthan. Gair and Kachhi Godi are other famous dances of Rajasthan. The folk songs in Rajasthan are associated with the love stories, heroic deeds, and legends. Aendoni and Gorbandh are famous genre of folk songs in the state. The religious songs are known as banis and bhajans. They are accompanied by the musical instruments such as sitar, dholak, sarangi, etc. Besides there is also the apparently dangerous fire dance, where the dancers dance with the music of the drum beats, on the bed of burning coals.


The majority of the people in Rajasthan are Hindus. Jain and Muslim are the other significant religious groups in Rajasthan. The local deities are Ramdeoji, Mehaji, Pabuji, Harbhuji, Gogaji and Tejaji.

Fairs and Festivals

The cultural mosaic of Rajasthan is also characterized by a number of festivities. Fairs and festivals of Rajasthan make this barren land lively. They constitute an essential element of the culture of Rajasthan and infuses colour among the lives of its people. The Rajasthani people celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm and joy. The most awaited festivals and fairs in Rajasthan are:

  • Marwar Festival

  • Camel Festival

  • Kite Festival

  • Gangaur Festival

  • Desert Festival

  • Summer Festival

  • Elephant Festival

  • Teej Festival

  • Pushkar Fair

  • Baneshwar Fair

  • Nagaur Fair

Handcrafted Rajasthan

Rajasthan is popular for its colourful and traditional arts. The major export products of Rajasthan include Bagaru prints, Zari embroidery, the block prints, Sanganer prints and tie & dye prints. The handicraft items include the wooden furniture, carpets and blue potteries. Rajasthan with its exquisite handicrafts can be a shopper's paradise.

The specialty of Rajasthan is the magnificent carved temples, majestic forts and lavishly decorated havelis. The true architectural heritage of Rajasthan is evident in the City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Lake Palace Hotel, Dilwara Temples, Jaislamer Havelis and Chittaurgarh.

Rajasthani cuisine

Rajasthan offers delicious, mouthwatering cuisine. The vegetarian and non-vegetarian, both types of food are available in the state. Dal-bati and Churma is the most popular dish in Rajasthan. You can also enjoy the continental dishes available in the restaurants and hotels of Rajasthan.

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