Tamil Nadu: A Cultured State of Being

The history of Tamil Nadu dates back to the days of prehistory, and its rich and varied past has imprints on its present in the form of myriad cultural expressions like Bharatnatyam and Carnatic music. However, it should be borne in mind that the rich culture of Tamil Nadu is very much manifested not only in its temples and dances, but also in the day-to-day lives of its people.

Some of the examples of these regular reflections of the essential Tamil culture among the tastes of the people of Tamil Nadu are seen and felt through the costumes of Tamil Nadu. And the Kanchipuram silk sarees and the angavasthram are very aptly complemented by the delicious cuisines of Tamil Nadu, which are armed with dosa, idli, rasam, appam, pongal and filter coffee… and a lot of other sumptuous delicacies, and also the handicrafts of Tamil Nadu, which are aesthetically represented by Tanjore paintings, musical instruments and stone jewellery among other artifacts.

Any account of the dances of Tamil Nadu must give adequate space to its various folk dances, along with the obvious reference of the sublime classical expressions of Bharatnatyam. Karagattam, Mayil Attam, Kavadi Aattam, Kali Attam, Devarattam, Kummi, etc. are some of the folk dances of this cultured state.

The geography of Tamil Nadu is characterized by 1000 km long coastline and abundance of nature. Among the states of India, Tamil Nadu ranks 11th in terms of size. It is spread from Point Calimere to Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (east to west) and from Pulicat Lake to Kanyakumai (north to south). The sea, wildlife sanctuaries and the splendid temples with their towering gopurams, and churches give the tourism of Tamil Nadu a unique appeal.

The state politics of Tamil Nadu is regional in character, with regional parties like DMK and AIDMK having great popular presence, but the universal Tamil outlook is manifested in the Tamil literature, which has evolved and endowed the ancient language of Tamil, the principle language of Tamil Nadu , with great richness.

But all said and done, Tamil Nadu is not only about culture and past glory. In fact, the thriving business and economy of Tamil Nadu is an apt example of the fact that this ancient state has great tomorrows in its store. Though agriculture still remains the mainstay of the Tamil economy, Tamil Nadu also happens to be the second most industrialized state of India. With IT boom, the service sector in Tamil Nadu is showing impressive signs of growth. It is emerging as a popular destination for the IT conglomerates, who are attracted to do business from this southern state.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/06