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Chennai a city that's teeming with varied cultural facets is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities of India. From exotic beaches to ancient monumental edifices the city of Chennai offers tourists great picturesque views reflecting the rich art and heritage of the region. Even a walk down the Marine Drive will refresh you as your feet touches the tumbling sea waters. While you visit the traditional places of worship in Chennai you will be thrilled to see the tall architectural designs of these ancient temples.

For food lovers a travel to Chennai definitely offers a unique experience as the city is well known for its wide array for cuisines prepared in the most interesting manner. Also as you go around the city for shopping you will be amazed to see the vast collection of textiles, brass wares and silk clothings for never in the world you will find such flea markets offering you such candid yet warm behavior of sellers. The climate of Chennai is seasonal but its advisable to visit the city during the winter as the weather during the time remains cool in summers its extremely hot. With the presence of many theatres and music halls the city promises to offer music lovers an unmatched artistic delight. Also the myraid religious festivals accompanied by great dance forms such as Bharatnatyam, Kathakali and Kuchipudi and music is an added attraction of the city. The city of Chennai is well connected to and from the varied cities of India, also there are many international flights operating under the aegis of --Air India, British Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Air Lanka and Malaysia Airlines operating scheduled flights from Frankfurt, London, Sydney, Dubai and New York. If you want you can also avail of the rail services as the city has two stations namely Egmore and Chennai Central railway station. Also there are many Tamil Nadu State Government owned buses plying to and from the nearby states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Puducherry round the clock offering great comfort and timely arrival and departure of buses to the required destinations.

Geography And Climate Of Chennai:
The city of Chennai lies on the south east coast of India thereby sharing long stretches of silver lined beaches. Since the city falls in the thermal equator it witness seasonal weather and temperatures all through the year. With a population nearly 6.4 million people the city remains densely populated. During the summers the temperature rises to 40 C while in winter season it hovers around 20 C. Rainfall is sometimes very scarce through the average rainfall is around 1272 mm per year as the monsoon period starts from October and lasts upto mid- December every year. History of Chennai:
Historical evidences suggest that Chennai, was originally known as 'Chennapatnam', the then province of Tondaimandalam, located on a small area between Nellore and the Pennar river of Cuddalore. The erstwhile capital of the province was Kancheepuram. It was believed that Tondaimandalam was ruled in the 2nd century A.D. by Tondaiman Ilam Tiraiyan, who belonged to the famous Chola Dynasty. It was during the rule of Cholas the art and culture of the region was given shape in the form of artistic monuments, some of which still continues to attract tourists who flock in large numbers to view its intricately designed stone palaces. In the subsequent years the land was ruled by Pallavas and Nayaks. With the coming of Portugese, Dutch, French and the later the British the land witnessed great changes. Towards the latter half of 18th century, Madras became an important English naval base and administrative centre reflecting the growing dominions of British Rule in southern India. After India's Independence the city was known as 'Madras' but in 1996 the Tamil Nadu government officially renamed it as Chennai.

Shopping In Chennai :
For shopalcoholics, shopping in Chennai promises to be a unique experience as the city houses some of the best artifacts you have ever come across. From beautifully designed Kanjeevaram silk clothings to artistically imprinted brass wares, utensils you have a wide plethora of choices. For womenfolk a visit to Chennai gives you ample choice to pamper yourself in varied gold jewelry beautifully carved with precious stones. Some of the best jewelry shops in India are located in the city offering innovative jewelry designs made from gold, silver and platinum. A walk down the market places of the city will reveal the city's special penchant for hand made items which are intricately ornamented and embellished to give a distinct look to the items. Special items like Pattamara mats, Leaf handicrafts from Tirunellveli, delicately carved bronze castings from Kumbakonam, metal works from Tanjavur and stone carving statues from Mamallapuram are sold in almost every market. Some of the most famous shopping arcades of Chennai are--Spencer Plaza at Anna Salai, Shopper's Stop at Harrington Road and Globus,Emerald Plaza at MG Road. If you're on look out for latest fashinable accessories try out the Lifestyle at TTK Road, Westside at Spencer Plaza and Saga Departmental stores. Also if you're in Chennai dont forget to miss the famous Burma Bazaar well known for its luxuriant store house of imported items.

Chennai Cuisine And Places to See In Chennai:
For connosieurs of food the city of Chennai with its wide array of culinary delight promises to offer tourists a unique experience. From idli, vada, and idiyappam to uppma and dosa, you get to enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods. Unlike the coff ee that you drink try out the filter coffee in any part of Chennai for it carries a distinct flavor of its own prepared in accordance with local ingredients. For non-vegetarians Chettinad cuisine is definitely going to tickle your taste buds as its specially prepared with wide variations of fish, mutton, and chicken and dont afford to miss the Chettinad Pepper Chicken popular for its spicy flavor. One of the most interesting feature while you dine in any part of Tamil Nadu is the fact that food is served on clean banana leaf one of the most important tradition of this region.

Its commonly believed that the city of Chennai is gifted with innumerable scenic natural beauty and striking appearance of architectures best represented through temples and monuments, makes it an ideal place to visit. A visit to Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple reveals fascinating glimpses of the erstwhile rule of Pallavas. As you enter the vast temple premises you will be thrilled to find the beautifully designed bronze idols of 63 Saivite Saints(Nayanmars). Another favorite tourist place in Chennai is the Government Museum Complex built in 18th century in tune with artistic designs of Mughal art, today it houses three National Libraries and an art gallery. While you walk through the lawns of this museum you will be awestruck by its splendid natural views. Also if you're in Chennai you cant afford to miss a visit to the ancient old Fort St George, built in 1653. This popular fort houses St Mary's Church, and a museum that boasts of wide a collection of British and French artifacts.Valluvar Kottam a place that holds great religious significance since its built in commeration of the great saint Tiruvalluvar. What makes this architectural edifice a great sight is the fact that the temple has been designed in the form of a chariot. And if you're looking for a place where you can go for evening stroll then Marine Drive offers you the perfect ambience as you sit through the sandy beaches the cool breeze blowing from the nearby sea shore leaves you spell bound. Hotels And Accomdations In Chennai:
Since the city of Chennai attracts thousands of tourists and business travelers the hotels have been designed to suit the needs of visitors. These hotels are fully furnished and they are well known for thie impeccable hospitality services and first class dining arrangements. Furthermore, some of the resorts offer unmatched spa and meditation facilities thereby providing the guests a rejuveneating experience. Majority of these top hotels are located near to the business center of the city and just few kms away from the Chennai Airport.

Popular Luxury Hotels In Chennai
Chola Sheraton
Fishermans Cove
Radisson Chennai
Taj Connemara
Trident Hilton
Asiana Hotel
Hotel Ambassador
Hotel Green Park
Hotel Raj Park

Popular Budget Hotels In Chennai
Days Inn Deccan Hotel
Inn Chennai
Hotel Grand Orient
Hotel Pandian
Hotel Abu Palace
Hotel Shelters
Hotel Mallika
Hotel Vaigai

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