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Kanyakumari in India is the meeting point of Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea and one of the major tourist sites of India. A unique aspect of the town is the beach that has multicolored sand which is why it could be referred to as the land of many colors. It is also known as Cape Comorin and Kanniyakumari in Tamil.

Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu is a major center of pilgrimage for the Hindus. There are plenty of churches here too It is an exotic place with red cliffs and effervescent valleys creating a lovely contrast that makes it a preferred tourist destination. This town was also referred to as the Alexandria of east as it was once a major commercial and cultural hub.

A Kanyakumari tour would take one to well known tourist destinations such as Kanyakumari Temple also known as Kumari Amman. It is devoted to Goddess Parvati who observed penance to marry Lord Shiva. At Shri Padaparai the foot prints of Parvati are embedded. This rock is also home to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial that was put up in 1970. The Gandhi Memorial counts as a prominent tourist destination as well. The tourists could also visit festivals at Kanyakumari such as Navratri and Chaitra Purnima along with Holy Annual Festival celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/06