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Shopping in Agra

Agra is located in Uttar Pradesh. Although it is known for its forts and monuments such as Taj Mahal, the city is also famous for its shopping. Shopping in Agra is indeed a fascinating experience. Various goods such as marble ware, metal ware, rugs and carpets, precious stones and jewellery and traditional handicrafts are some of things which are very popular in Agra.

Agra was ruled by the Mughals for a long time. The Mughal emperors gave impetus to the skilled workers and craftsmen. They received patronage from these kings and queens. Artists, painters, weavers, jewelers, musicians, carpet makers, musicians and metal workers were among some of those craftsmen. Hence the markets of Agra are lined with the wares of these workers.

Marble carvings of Agra are very famous. The skilled artisans of Agra carve some intricate designs which are very popular amongst tourists. They use semi- precious stones in these carvings. Geometric as well as floral motifs are some of the fine creations of these workers. A very famous souvenir to take from Agra is the miniature model of the Taj Mahal with full, delicate details of the same. The other marble artifacts consist of the vases, table tops, ornamental boxes, ashtrays and lamps. Shopping in Agra involves the purchase of such exquisite items in large numbers.

Shopping in Agra also includes shopping for rugs. These rugs and carpets are available at very reasonable rates and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Prayer mats, wall hangings and carpets are some of the specialties. The weavers of these carpets are the descendents of the Persian weavers. Hence Persian style of designs and patterns can be seen in their wares.

The metal ware from Agra is something for which the tourists can shop. Utility as well as decorative wares are carved out in brass by these workers. These wares include vases, jars, plates, safes, jewellery boxes, hookah bases, lamps and other decorative items.

The textile industry in Agra is very well known. It includes different items such as Chikan embroidered and zari work garments. The leather industry is also very famous. More than 4 million pairs of shoes are prepared in Agra every year. The leather goods offered in different bazaars are shoes, chappals, bags, gloves, jackets, lamp shades, furniture and many more goods.

Shopping in Agra can be done in different bazaars and shopping areas. These bazaars include the Sadar bazaar, Taj Ganj, Kinari bazaar and many such more. The Shilpagram is an emporium which offers some excellent traditional goods. There are many such emporiums lined up in the bazaar area. The origin of the Kinari bazaar dates back to the Mughal era. The Nai-ki- Mandi is famous for the textile shops. The other bazaars include the Sabzi mandi, Loha mandi, Raja ki mandi, Munro road, Sanjay place, Taj Mahal complex etc.

Tourists need not worry about shopping here as a wide range of goods is available. Shopping in Agra is thus a wonderful experience. Tourists visiting Agra do not return unless they carry some souvenirs and specialties of the place. Hence it is a must to visit the bazaars and shopping malls when in Agra. Without shopping in Agra, the journey seems to be incomplete.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/16