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Garden tours of Agra

Agra is a very famous city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The forts and monuments are amongst the major tourist attractions in this city. Along with these monuments, the gardens are also worth visiting. Hence garden tours of Agra are arranged by the tourists to see the well maintained gardens. The garden tours of Agra include a visit to the imperial Taj Mahal garden. It is a garden made in Persian style which bears cypress trees and fountains all around the place. The water garden is quite famous. It is divided into four equal parts by two canals made of marble. These four parts are lined up by stone pavements which further divide the flower beds into 4 more parts which total it to 16 flower beds. The garden has been built keeping in mind the descriptions of heaven and hell in the Quran. A tank has been paced in this garden which provides a crystal clear and a beautiful view of the Taj Mahal. Irrigation facilities have also been introduced in the garden.

The Mughal gardens near the Taj Mahal are very famous and most visited by tourists. It has a majestic look. The Mughal emperors were impressed with this garden and they spent many hours loitering in this garden. The Shah Jahan garden is a prominent place to visit while you plan your garden tours of Agra. The garden has lush green trees, shrubs and lawns. The place is very good for morning walk. Joggers make it a point to visit the garden during early hours of the morning.

The Mehtab Bagh is another wonder of the city. It is situated in a 25 acre plot and is one of the places which has been reserved to preserve the greenery. Fragrant and multi colored flowers are in abundance in the garden. Many of the organizers do not forget to include this garden in their itinerary of Garden tours of Agra.

The Rambagh gardens is yet another place which is most visited. It is also known as Bagh-ul- Afshan. The park is divided into 4 parts by pathways and waterways. Fountains, waterways and channels add to the beauty of the garden.

Thus garden tours of Agra take the tourists to very magnificent and beautiful gardens which reminds one of the royal and splendid era of the Mughals.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/16