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Travel Tips in Agra

If you are planning a visit to Agra, you have to be well acquainted with certain aspects of this historical city. The city remains crowded with tourists for most part of the year, and thus it is preferable to make the hotel reservations before reaching to Agra. Having reservations and advance booking saves your time and prevents fussy situations. Your taxi driver may misguide you if you don't have hotel reservations beforehand and take you to a seedy hotel from where he gets a cut. So, one of the important travel tips in Agra is to book hotels in advance. Also summers are quite hot in Agra, so make sure you choose a season you are comfortable while traveling to Agra. Light woolens for winters and cotton garments are recommended for rest of the seasons. Bring your own camera to take home some good quality pictures. One of the most important travel tips in Agra is to never buy cameras at local shops. Bring your own swimming trunks. Keep your money, passport and accessories safely to prevent theft.

Do not try local cuisine in Agra if you are not too sure about it. Try to follow one of the most important travel tips, viz don't eat it, if you don't know its ingredients. Try to have plenty of fresh fruits and avoid meat from open stalls. Do not eat open and cold food. Never drink water from any street vendor as they not always have purified it. Always buy food from reputed shopping markets. Eat fruits which you can peel yourself.

You can use non A/C or AC taxis to complete a one day journey or you can use private buses. Air conditioned/non air-conditioned taxis and luxury coaches are available through tour operators for sight seeing. Un-metered auto-rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and tongas are also available at negotiable rates. But the cycle-rickshaw is the best way of transport around Agra. The rickshaw boy makes his way through the narrow crowded roads that can never be accessed by cars. He can be your best guide and give you some handy travel tips in Agra, which you can use.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/16