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Religious tours of Allahabad

Religious tours of Allahabad are very special and make your journey through one of the oldest and ancient city of Allahabad a spiritually uplifting experience. Religious tours of Allahabad are well known and are much sought after tours in the Indian tourism industry. India, being a tourist hot spot, has given the tourism new dimension and has been setting many trends in the world of travel and tourism because of its rich cultural heritage. Being the holy place for most of the Hindus, Allahabad has attracted thousands of solace seekers and tourists from across the world. Religious tours of Allahabad offer unique and inexplicable journey from the spiritually rich Allahabad city. Though the city has its origin from pre-historic times, it is considered to be extremely divine and has the Sangam where in three great rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati unite. People take a bath at this holy spot and offer their prayers to the God. The city got its name Allahabad in the year 1583, by the great ruler Akbar. Specially during Maha Kumbh Mela and Magh Mela the city assumes a religious fervour. These occasions are the right time to embark on religious tours to Allahabad.

Religious tours of Allahabad take you to all the religious spots in and around the city. Religious tours make special arrangements for the visits and sight seeing of the hallowed and ancient places in Allahabad. These tours get special permissions and facilities for the senior citizens and saints so that they can enjoy and get blessed by their mighty God. These tours are specially approved and are very popular in their own way. Once in a life time you must go for such kind of religious tours which you will never forget. And the experience you get, the shelter you get at the God's abode is beyond compare. In these religious tours of Allahabad city, you will get to know the Indian religious convictions profoundly, and values which comprises humankind's oldest philosophical system. These tours will not only take you to religious places, but would also help you to explore the deep recesses of your heart.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/16