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Business and Economy of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, which lies in the Gangetic plains, is primarily an agricultural state. Agriculture contributes most to the economy of the state, and a major chunk of the labour force of the state is engaged in agriculture. In fact, 73 per cent of the population of the state is employed in agriculture, and it accounts for 46 percent of the income of the state. The chief crops grown in Uttar Pradesh include rice, wheat, pulses, oilseeds, millet, barley, and the cash crop sugarcane. Uttar Pradesh also has 15 percent of the country's livestock population. Uttar Pradesh is the largest food producer in India, and the second biggest economy in India with only Maharashtra ahead of it.

Despite being an agriculturally dependent state, Uttar Pradesh has a large number of industries. The business and economy of Uttar Pradesh is standing on the edifice of agriculture, but its industry is also portending signs of progress. Presently there are nearly sixty industrial zones and parks in the state providing area for industries like aluminium and steel, automobiles, paper, building materials, pharmaceuticals, farming equipments, pumps, pesticides, plastics, sugar, yarn, wood products, leather products, energy, electronic components, electrical accessories, construction, chemicals, rubber products …the list is endless.

Cement, carpet weaving, handlooms, glass manufacturing, electrical goods, electro plating and construction are the important industries of the state, and plays crucial roles in the business and economy of Uttar Pradesh. Tourism is also an important revenue earner of the state, and in the tourism of Uttar Pradesh obviously Taj Mahal plays a leading role to other plethora of tourist attractions of the state. Financial markets include insurance, securities, insurance brokerage, financial services like banks and money exchanges, viz. the Chamber of Commerce of Hapur.

The state doesn't have a rich reservoir of minerals. However, there are limestone deposits in Dehradun, Mirzapur and Almora districts, gypsum is found in Tehri Garhwal and marginal quantities of dolomite are found in Bandal and Varanasi. Service sector in Uttar Pradesh revolves around chip design, electronic services, fashion designing, printing, publishing, outsourcing, etc. Coal deposits are present in the Singrauli area.

In an effort to increase the economic status of Uttar Pradesh, a new and dynamic industrial policy has been implemented, providing a package of incentives and facilities to entrepreneurs and industrialists. The prime objective of this policy is to ensure maximum employment assurance opportunities and poverty eradication by giving top priority to infrastructure.

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