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Cuisines of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, located in northern India, is the fifth largest state of India and also the most populous. The state boasts of a wide variety of cuisines. Indeed, so rich are the various cuisines of Uttar Pradesh that they have become famous not only all over India, but all over the world.

Most of the dishes of Uttar Pradesh are the legacy of the era of Nawabs, as they were connoisseurs of food and encouraged their cooks to experiment and create fabulous new dishes. The most famous cuisines come from the Oudh area of Uttar Pradesh. Awadhi kababs and biryanis are world famous.

Rich curries, melt-in-the-mouth-kebabs and rice biryanis and pulaos and a wide collection of breads and nans make north Indian cuisine a heavenly experience. Many of the dishes of the state date back to the Moghul period, and are Mughlai dishes. However, many Hindu vegetarians live in the state, and they have created a vast variety of vegetarian dishes. Potatoes are the most frequently used ingredient in their recipes. Roomali rotis, kulchas and sheermals are types of breads that go with the various dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

One of the unique traditions of Awadhi style of cooking is the Dum Pukht, in which, food is sealed in large pots or handis and cooked over slow fire, allowing the ingredients to be cooked in their own juices under strict supervision of the cooks. In the traditional manner of cooking Dum Pukht, it takes three days to prepare the meal. However, the rewards of the effort are great, and the aroma of the food thus prepared is bewitching.

Among the most popular and famous cuisines of Uttar Pradesh are the shami kebabs, the shai tukda of the Oudh region, kachori, nargisi kofta, Lucknowi kofta, masala bhindi, rizala, malpua- a sweet popular all over India - and the Benarsi Paan, which freshens your mouth after a hearty meal.

Cuisines in Uttar Pradesh are a gourmet's delight with a wide and nearly unending variety of dishes available right from the plain to the very rare and exotic, making Uttar Pradesh, along with its various sight-seeing opportunities, a heaven for tourists.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/16