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Heritage Tours of Kanpur

Kanpur city stands on the right banks of the Ganga. It is the largest city of Uttar Pradesh state. The city holds an important role in the politics, social, religious and cultural past of India. Heritage tours of Kanpur will give an idea about the cultural heritage of the city of Kanpur. General Wheeler's Entrenchments, Sati Chaura Ghat, Military Cementry, King Edward Memorial Hall, Jajmau, Massacre Ghat, IIT Kanpur are the main heritages of Kanpur.Jajmau mound is present on the eastern side of the Kanpur city, on the banks of Ganga. It has great historical impact. Excavations were carried out during in 1957-58. Several historic things like potteries, utensils and busts of the period 600 AD and 1600 AD were recovered. After wide researches, historians concluded that these all of the time of Yayati. In addition, Jajmau was known as Siddhapuri. There are Siddhnath and Siddha Devi temples in the Jajmau. There is a tomb of Makhdoom Shah Ala-ul-Haq, a Sufi Saint. Feroze Shah Tughlaq build it in 1358. A mosque built by Kulich Khan in 1679 AD, is also the main attraction of Jajmau. Jajmau is the main attraction of the heritage tours of Kanpur.

General Sir Hugh Wheelers Entrenchment is one of the attractions of the city Kanpur, which reflects the savage side of human nature. During the First War of Indian Independence in 1857, the forces of Nana Sahib of Peshwa attacked the British General Sir Hugh Wheeler's entrenchment in Kanpur. The soldiers of Nana Sahib surrounded the entrenchment from all sides and enclosed it. It resulted in death of many families of Britishers due to shortage of food and water. Nana Sahib's brutality further increased when his soldiers burned down a hospital, leaving no room for cure of the wounded, starved and the ill. The Britishers, despite putting up a brave resistance, ultimately surrendered.

Massacre Ghat of Kanpur is the chief tourist attraction of Kanpur. It is located in the Cantonment Area, on the right bank of Ganga. During the first War of Independence in 1857, around 300 British men and women were brutally slaughtered at this Ghat. It is also known as Sati Chaura Ghat. It is a must see in the heritage tours of Kanpur, as it was a witness to the tragic story of the First War of Independence of India.

Indian Institute of technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) is one of the best technical Institutes of India. This was started in 1959 in the single room of Harcourt Butler Technology Institute at Agriculture Garden. In 1963, it was moved to its own building. Education at IIT Kanpur is mainly of engineering technology. Early ten years of IIT Kanpur was benefited by the 9 US universities under Indo - American program. The Kanpur Memorial Church was built in the honor of the British people who died during the First War of Indian Independence in 1857. The church is now known as Kanpur Church. Walter Granville was the architect of the church. The construction of the church is in the Lombardy Gothic Style, using bright red bricks. It is a great piece of British architecture, which has to be visited in the heritage tours of Kanpur.

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