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Lucknow was one of the greatest cities in the medieval world, and is today the capital of Uttar Pradesh, situated in the north side of India. Though Lucknow has dominant Urdu culture, its name has Hindu origin. The name Lucknow is derived from the epic Ramayana. The story is like when Lord Ramchandra returned to Ayodhya after 14 years exile, he bestowed this place upon Laxman, his younger brother. Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, located on the bank of Gomti. It is the cultural center of northern India. People from Lucknow are very polite and have their own fascinating culture and traditions. Lucknow travel will give you idea about the refined north Indian culture during the Mughal era.

Lucknow city is full of parks, palaces, gardens and impressive architectural monuments. The highly cultured Lucknow with all its past regal trappings has met the demands of modernity, while keeping the tradition and culture alive. Lucknow is the heart of northern India, which is known for its arts, cuisine, culture, music, hospitality, adab and tehzeeb i.e. etiquettes.

Lucknow has a great fusion of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh culture. It is the land where Hindi, Urdu, and Hindustani flourished. Lucknow is also home for Urdu poetry known as Mushaira. Well known Urdu poet Ghalib was from Lucknow itself. Soft spoken and sweet tongue has made Lucknow famous allover. Though Lucknow belongs to three different cultures, we can observe its composite Indian culture with the Lucknow travel.

Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula was the creator of Lucknow city. The city touched the glory during Nawab Wajit Ali Shah, a true lover of music and poetry. Three W's- wisdom, women and wine were most loved things by Nawabs. 'Kothas' were the institutions where sons of Nawabs were purposefully sent to learn culture and respect to women. Muzzafar Ali's extraordinary film Umrao Jaan is a living picture of this social institution.

Major tourist attractions of the city are The Bada Imambada, Rumi Darwaza, Husainabad Imambada, Residency, Jami Masjid, La Martiniere College, Husainabad Clock Tower, Husainabad Clock Tower, Dilkusha ruins, Qaiserbagh Complex, Ruins of the Lucknow Residency, Crocodile Santuary at Kukrail, the Ramkrishna Math, and Farangi Mahal, and Banarsi Bagh. All these places you can visit in your Lucknow travel. Other nearby places to the Lucknow are Firozabad, Ayadhya, Sravasti and Kanpur, which can be visited during Lucknow travel.

Muharram celebration of Lucknow is famous from the times of Nawab. In fact, Lucknow witnesses great passion during celebration of every festival. Lucknow Mahostav is celebrated in the month of November-December. It is a 10- day event having classical, semi classical music, plays, kite flying and tonga races, showing the cultural heritage of the city.

Lucknow is also famous for silk works, perfumes, jewelry, Chikan embroidery and mouth-watering cuisines. Lucknow offers great delight for shopping lovers. Sahara Ganj Shopping mall, East End Mall, Fun Republic Mall, Hazaratganj, Nadiya ke paar, and Aminabad Market are famous for shopping. October to February is the best time for Lucknow travel.

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