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Excursions from Mathura-Vrindavan

Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna and Vrindavan is the place where Lord Krishna's spent his childhood days .Both Mathura and Vrindavan together form the holy place Brajbhumi. Mathura city is situated in Uttar Pradesh and Vridavan at the distance of 15 km from Mathura. Mathura is around 58 km from Agra and 145 km from Delhi, well connected by rail, road and air to major cities of India. Excursions from Mathura-Vrindavan can be made interesting as there are many attractions that are situated near Mathura-Vrindavan.

Agra is historically an important city of Taj Mahal, which is situated at around 60km from Mathura. Taj Mahal is a tribute to eternal love built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal. Agra is also famous for other splendid architectural structures like Agra Fort and Itmad-ud-Daula's tomb.

Deeg is situated in Rajasthan at the distance of about 11 km from Mathura. Deeg is well connected to Govardhan, Mathura, Agra and Kosi by road. It is a popular tourist destination. The principle palaces of Deeg include Gopal Bhavan, Keshav Bhavan, Bhadon and Sawan.

Govardhan is an important destination worth visiting while planning for excursions from Mathura-Vrindavan. It is situated along the Deeg road and is around 26km away from Mathura. It is named after the 'Govardhan Hillock', which was supposed to be raised on the finger by Lord Krishna to save people from heavy rains. The Har Deva Ji temple in Govardhan is about 400 years old. An artificial Mansi Ganga Lake of Govardhan was constructed by Raja Man Singh of Jaipur. Radha Kund is about 5km away from Govardhan towards north. There is a cenotaph of Raja Suraj Mal Bharatpur between Radha Kund and Govardhan. An artificial lake has been constructed in the front of cenotaph with an extensive garden behind.

Barsana is also a famous place for pilgrimage that is normally included in the entire planned excursions from Mathura-Vrindavan. It is around 21 km away from Govardhan and originally known as Brahmasaran. The eternal love of Lord Krishna, Radha was born here. Gokul is about 15 km away from Mathura and connected by a metalled road. It is located on the bank of Yamuna river and is a celebrated pilgrimage spot where Lord Krishna was brought up in secrecy by Yoshada. Thousands of pilgrims visit here during birth anniversary of Lord Krishna and Annakut festival.

Mahaban is about 4 km from Gokul and is situated on the bank of Yamuna river. The Mathura Nath temple built of rock and plaster is the most sacred temple. Another pilgrimage shrine is the temple of the elder brother of Lord Krishna, Baldeo or Dauji. It is located in the center of the Baldeo town and is about 9 km far from Mahaban.

Excursions from Mathura-Vrindavan to all these places can be easy as the twin cities provide you with excellent transportation facilities. Nearby places can be visited by rickshaws, horse carts, taxis, private buses, tempos or cycle rickshaws. Rail or road transport can also be used to reach these places.

Various religious and sacred places can be visited during a well planned excursion from Mathura-Vrindavan.

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