The Dudhwa National Park is situated in the Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh. The park stretches over a vast Kapilvastu is an enchanting city which was originally a part of the Indian Territory. It is now located in Nepal. The place lies in the small village of Piprahwa. Lying in close proximity with Lumbini, it is well known as a sacred place of Buddhists. The Kushans used to rule the place in ancient times. An unearthed Stupa with a manuscript confirms the subsistence of prehistoric monastery called Devaputra at the place. At a little distance from the township, you can also spot two enormous hills. The mounds said to be the carcasses of King Suddhodhana's bastion.

Earlier recognized as the capital of Shakya Empire, Kapilvastu was the residence of Buddha for almost 29 years. The place resides between Saraswati and Lumbini and holds a spiritual charm to it. Kapilvastu is spattered with numerous enchanting Stupas erected by Gupta and Ashoka dynasties. The city gives is known for the serene atmosphere that calms the stressed minds of the tourists visiting the place. According to the Indian folklore, Piprahwa is said to be the primordial Kapilvastu while the Nepalese consider Tilaraurakot to be the original one. The place has many remnants of the graceful Stupas. You can also find the remains of coffers at some places. Lumbini lies at a distance of few kilometers from this place. Being the hometown of Lord Buddha, you can find remnants of numerous prehistoric artistic structures at Lumbini. It is also famous for the Maya Devi's figurine in the shrine.

The Sarnath in Kapilvastu is famous for holding the National Symbol of India. The sculpture of four-lions erected by Ashoka at the place is mesmerizing. The place is also famous for its beautifully carved Stupas built by Ashoka. You can also have the delight of watching marvelously imprinted shrines in Sarnath. Mulagandha Kuti Vihar is one of the most famous temples at the place. Dhameka Stupa and Choukhandi Stupa are the two most stunning Stupas at the place. Sarnath is famous all over the country due to its elegant Ashoka Pillar.

On your way to kapilvastu, you can enjoy the sightseeing at Kushinagar. The place holds a lot of importance as Lord Buddha ended his life at the place. The constructions at the place notably signify the influence of the Ashoka empire. Kapilvastu has a number of lodging and boarding facilities for its tourists. The Buddhist Charity Foundations offer an affordable means of accommodation to the travelers. The place is easily accessible by all the means of transport including rail, road and air. The airport of Katmandu lies near Kapilvastu. The city is also close to the railway lines of Gorakhpur and Siddhartha Nagar. You can also hire taxis from Lucknow and Varanasi. Buses from almost all parts of the India as well as Nepal go to Kapilvastu.

Last Updated On: 2011/09/05