Kushinagar is one of the most famous religious cities of Uttar Pradesh. The city lies just 51 km from Gorakhpur. It is place of religious importance for the followers of Buddhism. People from all over the world come to pay their reverence to Lord Buddha. Kushinagar is also known as the place of Mahaparinrvana. The testaments of Kushinagar are located at 3 different places.

Kushinagar is also called as Kusinara or Kaisa in the colloquial dialect. The place holds great importance as Lord Buddha ended his life at a place near River Hiranvavati. His cremation was done at the Stupa called Ramabhar. The place was ruled by numerous kings in the ancient times. The remnants of the sculptures relate a vibrant story of the glorious culture prevalent in the past.

One of the most magnificent structures of architecture is the Nirvana Stupa. The colossal masonry Stupa resides at an elevation of 2.7m. The Stupa is located to the east of the Nirvana Shrine. The famous Nirvana shrine has a 6m long figurine of Lord Buddha. About 40 yards away from the Parinirvana Stupa, the Mathakaur temple is located. It has an elegant idol of Lord Buddha in the Bhunmi Sparsh Mudra. The beautiful idol is 3.5 m long and made of black stone. Lord Buddha gave his last sermon in this temple.

Kushinagar is also visited by tourists who wish to see the Ramabhar Stupa. Lord Buddha was cremated at the site. The stupa is also called as Mukta Bandhan Vihar. You can find an enchanting Japanese Shrine in close proximity to the Ramabhar Stupa. The temple is famous for Lord Buddha's Ashta Dhatu statuette. The beautiful temple was erected by Atago Isshin World Buddhist Cultural association. The shrine has a circular foyer with a beautiful golden idol of Buddha. The Kushinagar museum has a collection of numerous ancient manuscripts. This museum has a rich collection of 248 valuable antiques including coins, figurines, carvings and remnants of various other prehistoric things. The beautiful Myanmar Buddha Vihar is on of the oldest monasteries of Kushinagar. You can also find an assortment of unearthed metals and bones at the place. The place has a colossal Stupa called Samridhi Chaitya with a total of 5000 statues of Lord Buddha in it. The shrine called Wat Thai designed as a forest monastery resides in the verdant setting of Kushinagar. The Lin Sun Chinese shrine is also famous and is worth visiting. Lord Buddha is depicted in the temple as Chinese. The temple demonstrates a blend of Vietnamese and Chinese art. The meditation park near Nirvana shrine offers great peace to calm your body and soul. The park is designed with man made water bodies surrounding elevated emerald plinths. The tranquil place is surrounded by Sal trees and other green shrubs.

The enticing Birla Shrine and international Buddha trust are also worth paying a visit in Kushinagar. This enchanting place is accessible by air, rail and road. The spiritual city is worth visiting to relax your body and soul from the stress of the city life.

Last Updated On: 2011/09/05