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Restaurants in Varanasi

Varanasi is well known for its temples and ghats. The holy city plays host to thousands of tourists and pilgrims every year. Thus it is no wonder that Varanasi is crowded with restaurants of both old and new varieties. The restaurants in Varanasi successfully cater to the needs of these tourists. There is an array of choices available to the tourists when it comes to choosing the restaurants in Varanasi.

Restaurants in Varanasi generally offer quality and delicious food. The Sindhi Restaurant in Varanasi is always hounded by tourists, and is one of the favourite restaurants in the city. It is an age-old restaurant, started in 1954, and its comfortable and warm ambience is liked by all. If you are interested in feasting upon a tasty vegetarian thali, then there is no better place than this. Many other dishes can be also found on the menu of this tradition of a restaurant.

The Keshari Restaurant is one of the much-loved restaurants in Varanasi. This restaurant dishes out a variety of cuisines like Chinese, Continental, etc. But it is advisable to go for the Indian thali or pulao, spicy biryani and dosa, which are the hot items on the menu. The special dosas prepared here are also a favourite among the locals. After your food, you can opt for the delicious cold lassi to soothe your taste buds. It can prove to be a perfect culmination to a sumptuous feast.

The ghat restaurants of Varanasi are very popular, specially for the tea offered by them. The aroma of hot tea drifts through the lanes of Varanasi, which tempts you to sip through a cup or two. There are no proper seating arrangements at these motley eating joints and as such, they cannot be called as restaurants. However, that doesn't mean that they compromise on taste. You can enjoy a quick cup of tea standing near a ghat restaurant, while viewing the serene might of Ganga. The Apsara Restaurant serves as a breather from the other not so very clean restaurants of Varanasi. It is a very spic and span restaurant. You will find the décor entirely in blue which soothes and refreshes you.

The El Parador is a famous restaurant in Varanasi, which offers international cuisines like European, Italian and French cuisines. This attracts the foreign tourists to its tables. The Yelchiko Restaurant is another nice place in the city to hang out, chill out and eat out. Here you get quality Indian food, which you can wash down with equally good quality liquor. The Haifa Restaurant offers Lebanese and Israeli cuisines. All these variety of cuisines are sure to tingle your taste buds. We can easily say that though Varanasi is a deeply religious city, its tastes are nothing but cosmopolitan.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/18